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I think the end of the 2010s and the early 2020s might be considered the era of fake passions, at least for the likes of people like 
and myself and I suspect many others of the 

I have been deliberately trying to take it easy and focus on my health. I know that it is still the #1 thing I need to focus on. But my mom's advice today made me think about what I want to do. I know deep down that I want to have my own business. I have started multiple things and failed at many ideas over the last 5-6 years. I also know that I have learnt a lot and picked up useful skills. 

Keni's post has got me thinking this week differently about what a passion ought to be. Normally I wouldn't blink an eye when someone said something like, I need to refrain from what I'm passionate about because I need to focus on my health. But now I'm beginning to think that maybe the passions we ought to pursue are the ones that recharge our health rather than ones that sap it.

I'm also challenging what people think is their passion. I haven't known Keni in a personal way like you could if two people were local, but we've now had over two years (on and off) worth of pinging each other through writing. And based on my view my verdict is that she actually isn't passionate about business. I feel like what you've turned to during this downturn in health is revealing what you are passionate about.
. Two things you've been doing regardless of how tough things got.

I do recall Keni mentioning how she took a four day workweek so she could get one day to herself to work on her business at a
coworking space
. But now I'm beginning to wonder. Were those days working on a business really that recharging? Was taking classes on AI and Python and reading about crypto really building you back up to return to work? 
Interesting insights Sir Abe. I have started to wonder about these things myself. I wouldn't say I am NOT passionate about business. I am a fan of building a product that people will like and find useful... similar to writing a piece or cooking a dish, there is something to creating something for others that is appealing. Just building something to get rich isn't my passion, I agree. 
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I am a fan of building a product that people will like and find useful.

I'm in total agreement with this. One caveat I like to emphasize these days however is that the first person out of the people must be you the creator. 

This is why I think 
's approach to never letting writing feel like 
is a wise one
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