You'll never be able to write

If you're not writing what you want... what you need to write then you're going to quit.

This is because writing isn't great. They do a good job of selling you the status of a writer but the isolated task of writing is nothing to write home about.

Like most other craft, when viewed clinically writing is a droll, meaningless task. A person is simply tapping keys, arranging words and sentences together. Over and over again. What's the point of it all? Why not do something better? The world is ripe with interesting paths to take, why trade your dwindling time

I appreciate
Tim Ferriss
' attitude on writing books: he only writes the books that he couldn't live without writing. As in the pain of not having written the book would be so painful that the pain of writing itself becomes an irrelevant variable.

If someone tells you to walk across hot coals to go pick up five bucks most people would pass. If you have to do it to save your baby you'll probably do it. Does that mean the objective temperature of the coals lowers, mending to your power of positive thinking? No. But it just doesn't matter anymore.

There's no avoiding the pain of actually writing something. Our only hope is to find something so worth it that you don't consider the pain.

It's easy when confronted by an empty word document to believe we know what we want to write. It's easy to lie to our friend over a
when they ask us what we really want to write. But until we really figure out what our "baby" is we'll never be able to write. You'll never be able to write.

Unfortunately, many people are paralyzed at the starting gate trying to figure out their "baby." You just have to start cranking things out, even if it's something as silly as describing a cold cough drop.
2021-05-31 16:48:12
I don't know. When I'm in flow I really enjoy writing. :)
2021-06-01 00:30:23
Brandon this is what I love about this craft. To do the yin you need the yang. And how do you do the ynag? you need the yin. 

Having constraints and social connection to other readers is a way to hack this.

Daniel I know what you mean. I find it immensely enjoyable when in flow too. I couldn't address that anomalous context in this post. 
2021-06-01 15:16:11
This is well written Sir Abe. I just saw a movie called 'Monster' on Netflix. A film teacher tells his students that they will not be able to do creative work unless there is a story they are dying to share. If they aren't motivated, they haven't found their story yet. 

I don't know if I have a story I am dying to tell but I have many posts I enjoy sharing. I agree with Daniel that I enjoy writing when I am in flow. Maybe it takes more to write an entire book than the short posts we are used to. 
2021-06-01 16:43:05
Oh you definitely have stories within you. I think maybe you let 
get in the way and cause you to think you want things that you think other people want.

That's all of us though haha.
2021-06-01 17:01:42
I must need NZT today. Didn't follow what you mean - even after googling the word mimeticism. 

I have mini-stories yes. I don't know if it is a complete story that will make a whole book. I need a theme for the stories I have and want to share. It is a work in progress.
2021-06-01 17:06:58
oh mimic is to copy. so it's just a nature of us wanting to copy what we see.

there's no coincidence everyone wants to be some variant of
Tim Ferriss
Tony Robbins
these days lol

and in this post im talking less about stories that are being worked on. but rather the stories that are in our heads. all day everyday.
2021-06-01 17:09:55
I'm often surprised by what I write, and even if sometimes I hesitate to start writing, once I do I actually enjoy it. Some things are hard to communicate because the way in which I thought them is uniquely mine so I must find the right words and, that takes some effort but it's not a tedious task. 
2021-06-01 23:48:23
Nedzen I believe that those instances are exactly when you are writing about what you want. Most likely it's just you pouring thoughts into words.

What I find most people struggle with especially after having done that successfully for maybe a week or two is that they stop pouring thoughts into words. They start thinking that now it's time to write something specific. And then eventually their not writing what they want.

It's funny because I used to tell
that he should stop writing just whatever the day intrigues him of and instead stake out to write something longform. 

I do think in the longterm writing longer or at least more developed works is the way to go. But in the short term definitely writing what you want is the way. Just trying to figure out how to have both converge so one can write developed things while still writing what they want everyday. Or at least nearly everyday. 
2021-06-02 15:14:05

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