Blankets don't emit heat

I find blankets to be fascinating for the fact that they generate no heat. Any warmth you feel was generated solely from your body. It's beautiful that something that emits no heat is associated with warmth and protection. It took me several decades to figure out that the coziness of a blanket didn't come from the blanket at all. 

Though at the end of the day the blanket is still needed. Without it the radiance of our constant biological activity would dissipate into air, ungraspable like water through fingers.

You might expect me to like warm blankets, best but actually my favorite are ice cold ones awaiting ontop of a made bed on a cold winter's night. You snuggle in with a little shiver. And you feel good knowing about the warmth that's coming.

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Replies to Blankets don't emit heat
I love blankets too, It's magical how they work isn't it? Last time I made myself this reflection was when I was all wrapped in a wool blanket, a few mm thick but very good at keeping the warmth inside. It almost felt as the blanket itself got warmer and I was mindblown fascinated about how wool works and what an amazing material it is.
2021-06-01 23:35:14
This is actually fascinating, Never took note.

I guess it will stay with me forever cos it kind parallels with some life lessons.
2021-06-11 14:15:40

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