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Another persons phone was weird to have Elena thought after a little while. That was strange to just give it away, but also just something Marc would. Elena, would never give mark her phone, she stopped for a second looking at it, what if her roommate messaged her something crazy,...

Heat Zombies II as reply to Heat Zombies

Abraham Kim
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You would checkĀ  Twitter where other likeminded folks would be complaining about the currentĀ  apoclypse . The narrative had done a 180 since last week. Back then all the educated office workers -- many of them not in the office anymore -- were proclaiming the tragedy of the zombies. How...

13 Reasons Why

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So, two episodes ago, I started watching 13 Reasons Why ("Tote MƤdchen LĆ¼gen Nicht" - "Dead Girls don't lie"). It has been on my watchlist since it came out. I remember it releasing an enormous ā€œscreamā€ in public.

But I came back to it a different way. Recently I started binging...
The Radio Keeps Playing All the Usual
was one of those songs that I "heard" for the first time in freshman year of college. I was too dumb, too naive, to know that it had been a popular song for awhile. had no idea that it was a regular in the repertoire of popular cafe and other genre music.Ā 

This was beforeĀ 
and such. it was possible for some small country kid like me to get into college without having ever heard ofĀ 
or Wonderwall.

Because of this I actually was super affected by the song. I didn't allow any conceptions of popular music or generic memification ruin it for me. To me it was just the words I had in my head being played through the radio... the emotions i had driving alone after hanging out with a girl... playing through the radio. It was just a part of me... playing through the radio.
Abraham Kim