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college sleep walk sophomore
When I was a  sophomore I roomed with a guy who slept only four, five hours a night. If I were to hear of such a guy nowadays, I would think that that's unhealthy and unsustainable. But back in  college , not sleeping was seen as cool. Not because not...


paramedic coffee sleep vaccination KISS Vienna
On Saturday, I started a 12-hour paramedic shift. As I walked into the standby room, I encountered an emergency doctor I hadn't seen in a while. Right after breakfast, we were called to our first trip, so I couldn't talk much to him, but later on, we got to play...

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sleep anxious Disney World
Victoria slept just four or five hours a night. She knew this was unsustainable but it was the only way she could both provide for herself and Cameron while also taking classes. One day she would be able to make 70 or 80 thousand dollars a year and she wouldn't...

Abe's Blog
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sleep finite
Often I'll be working on some problem, trying to learn something, and the day will come to its end. Sometimes I may consider staying up later and later to see if I can maybe reach a breakthrough. I've learned that it's not just about time spent on something. The raw...


deadline Friday sleep email sun janitors
The  deadline for the paper was  Friday two weeks ago.

This was the longest time I had gone past a deadline... initially I didn't even know it was possible. I remember Thursday night.... sitting in the library so late. Just when it was neither night or early morning. That's when they...

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coffee sleep new year winter break Christmas
When he found out he had to stay on campus for  winter break he imagined he'd be alone in a ghost town. He was a little bit disappointed when he found there were in fact people walking around, driving around, and that most of the businesses were open. Sure there...
Damn sorry to hear that, mam!

I believe there's something to your altered 
 that you've been dealing with since you quit your job. 
Abraham Kim

Flash Fiction Practice
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sleep polaroid nostalgia lawn mower
I was in bed, awake, but still laying, just like the rest of the house.

The lighting was the kind that pissed me off. Neither bright and pretty like a beautiful summer day nor glum and melancholic. Instead a subdued light like an old polaroid , but no nostalgia featured. The...

January 7th - Why sleep when you can drive?

accident paramedic email sleep
After the  accident ( my paramedic night shift continued to be hellish and without much sleep. A few minutes after we finished cleaning the car I moved into one of the sleeping rooms and sent out a few  email s ( and wrote the linked article.

It wasn't long until we...