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When the partially complete West Gate Bridge collapsed in October 1970, thirty-five people were killed when one of the box-girder spans collapsed while the bridge was under construction.

The West Gate Bridge workers were a highly unionised workforce. Safety concerns over the construction method of the bridge, and disputes over workers'...
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🍺 35 Beers
πŸ§‡ 28 Waffles
πŸ₯Ÿ 25 Dumplings
πŸͺ 27 Cookies
🍣 31 Sushis
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πŸ₯ƒ 41 Whiskeys
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πŸ₯š 32 Eggs
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Rhyming slang

Rhyming slang is a form of slang constructed in the English language and involves replacing a common word with two or more other words, the last of which rhymes with the original word.
For example, the "dog and bone" is the phone, the "trouble and strife" is your wife,...
2021-12-21 10:22:40

Christmas shopping

It's the last shopping week before Christmas, and it's time to head out to the shops to get the fresh foods and drinks needed for Christmas Day. As usual, it's a jungle out there, with every man and his dog out shopping. Getting a car park is near impossible, and...
2021-12-20 10:01:49

Power outage

A huge wind has just swept through our suburb, and the first thought that went through my head is that I hope that tree leaning toward my house doesn't fall. Fortunate for me, the extreme wind was brief, and the tree didn't fall. But, unfortunately for me, the wind was...
2021-12-19 06:06:47


One of the nice things about Christmas is the chance to catch up with friends. After all, the festive season is just not about families. It is about sharing the Christmas cheer with friends as well.

I could count the number of close friends I have on one hand. My wife,...
2021-12-18 10:28:58

Day/night Test cricket

Test cricket is the form of the sport of cricket with the longest match duration and is considered the game's highest standard. There are only twelve countries in the world that have been granted Test status, as determined and conferred by the International Cricket Council (ICC).Β 
It is called...
2021-12-17 08:05:01


It is nice to have a pastry chef in the family, particularly around Christmas. It is the time of year when all the favourite dessert foods come out, and having a skilled pΓ’tissiere around makes it so much sweeter.

Christmas morning starts with some home-baked croissants. As I have witnessed, a...
2021-12-16 10:50:37

Unsolicited phone call

Today I received an unsolicited phone call purporting to be from my insurance company. The person politely introduced themselves and said she would like me to verify my identity before discussing a recent interaction with them.

Now, it is quite possible that the call was legitimate, as I did transact with...
2021-12-15 11:56:47

Zoom Zoom
Automated cars

There are five recognised levels of driverless cars, ranging from the partially automated vehicles we have today to the fully automated cars we dream of owning in the future. Full automation of the driverless car will be achieved when it can operate autonomously in all driving modes and conditions.

My wife's...
2021-12-14 10:33:53

Big Bash Cricket

Unlike a five day Test Match, Twenty 20 cricket is played over three hours, where each team bats once and bowls once, with the team with the highest score winning. The Twenty 20 (T20 for short) refers to the innings' length, 20 overs or 120 balls.

Twenty 20 cricket is a...
2021-12-13 09:46:17

First PC

In 1991, I purchased my first home PC, an IBM clone. Designated as a 286 AT, it had an Intel 80286 16-bit microprocessor, 1 MB of RAM, and a 20 MB hard disk drive. It also had a 5.25-inch floppy disk drive and the MS-DOS operating system.

From those days, the...
2021-12-12 10:18:56