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My piano teacher once shared with me what it was like to watch a former champion of The International Chopin Piano Competition prepare for their performance. 

For 6–8 hours each day in the week leading up to the competition, the competitor would pick apart different sections of music from...
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Our humanity is grounded by the fact that we all have moments:
Moments where we see a truth that we didn’t see before — the fact that you really do care about that person’s well-being, that the work you’ve been doing is or isn’t making the change you set out to...
2021-01-16 14:58:32

The world is big enough

Pixar’s 20-acre campus in Emeryville, California isn’t for everyone.
On one hand, its design makes getting around woefully inconvenient: where short and efficient right-angles and straight-line paths could’ve been built, there are funny curves and contortions.
On the other hand, maybe quickly getting to one’s office or to the subway station isn’t...
2021-01-15 14:04:51

The hook

A hook is what you put in front of the fishing line, not the middle.
The hook is the first action you take, it’s the first thing you say — it’s the first and most important point that needs to be made in order for a change to happen.
Making a good...
2021-01-14 14:24:22

Solomon Asch

Sometimes it's doubt, not bad vision, that gets in the way of us seeing things clearly.

In 1951 Psychologist Solomon Asch conducted a study involving a participant sitting in a room with confederates — people purporting to be a part of the study but who were actually working for Asch —...
2021-01-14 01:11:29