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"You ever blast a fart and it feels great?"

"Well, most farts are pretty standard. I have had to hold it in when I'm in mixed company, and when I can finally let it out I have tremendous relief."

"I mean like true pleasure from the act of pushing out a fart."

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Life Force - book darts
The Miracle of Organ Regeneration

Pg 126 "The person who makes no mistakes is making the biggest mistakes."

"When most people have a dream or goal, they get excited until they start to confront how they're going to achieve it. Since they don't yet know how, they get demoralized. They lose the sense of certainty that...
2022-04-03 18:46:46


I was having an exchange with abrahamKim about the Joe Rogan/Spotify/Neil Young controversy. I have maintained that the Golden Age of Podcasts is slowly ending. What's been great about podcasts is they have been free and you can get them "wherever you get...
2022-04-01 15:48:52

Oscar poop

I stopped watching the Academy Awards a long time ago. I have long believed that the Oscars are the purview of women and gay men. When I did watch it, I recorded it on my DVR so that I could fast-forward through most of it and catch any craziness that...
2022-03-28 14:43:42

Generational Content

There is a genre of videos I call generational content. The premise is one or more people younger people (teens to mid-twenties) film themselves listening to "old" songs for the first time. For some reason, they tend to be black people.

Aside - When I was sitting at the lunch table...
2022-03-26 15:52:12

They fired his ass

"Hey, did you say something happened to Joe?"

"Yah, they fired his ass about a month ago."

"Wait, I just saw him in the office yesterday."

"Oh no, he's still working."

"But he got fired? I'm confused."

"They fired his ass. The rest of him is still employed."

"You're kidding, right?"

"Nope. It's a new program HR...
2022-03-22 16:50:32

Whose recommendation?

According to this NBC news article, Pfizer and Moderna say it's time for another booster for Everyone's Favorite Virus™️. Why on earth would we listen to them?

My double dose only lasted four months before I got it anyway. In my non-medical professional opinion, I don't need a booster. Contracting the...
2022-03-19 15:23:08

PTO Penalty Collateral

I have written many times about the PTO Penalty, which consists of two phases. Phase I is the frenzy leading up to the time off when you are trying to get tasks wrapped up or handed off before you leave. Phase II is when you return from time off to...
2022-03-18 21:56:37

Work trip

"So, how'd the work trip go?"

"Pretty good. It was cool to meet people I'd only talked to on the phone or in a Zoom."

"Did you meet that one chick that sounded hot?"

"Oh yah."


"Yep, she's totally hot. Smokin' body. But she's a bitch."

"Damn, I hate that. Nothing worse than a hot...
2022-03-17 20:40:27

You have been added to a team in Microsoft Teams

Just add this one to the long list of emails that I dread.

I will admit that Microsoft Teams is a convenient place to store shared documents that can be updated by multiple people simultaneously. I have always had challenges doing this on SharePoint with this idea of checking out...
2022-03-15 21:14:49

Life Force - book darts
Turning Back Time: Will Aging Soon Be Curable?

Pg. 97 "'Information Theory of Aging' According to David Sinclair, most chronic or degenerative diseases--the ones that hijack our energy and degrade our health--aren't hardwired into our genes. In reality, they're the result of bad 'information' that makes our genes turn 'on' or 'off' at the wrong times or in...
2022-03-05 14:41:30