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The great thing about Nespresso coffee pods that are ostensibly good for the environment is that they are recyclable. So you take the used pods and put them into Nespresso's pre-labeled bag, seal it up, and drop it off at any UPS location, no questions asked. That's very convenient as...
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Copy keys in one minute

When I was a kid, I remember my mom taking me to the Ace Hardware store when she needed to have a key made. It was always in the back, and there was a bespectacled man (never a woman that I can recall) who was trained in the art of...
2021-11-27 21:06:34

Bacon and eggs

Bacon and eggs is one of those classic combinations that never goes out of style. It's like a powder blue shirt and khaki pants. And screw you Grammarly--I'm not changing "is" to "are." I'm talking about bacon and eggs combined together as one unit and not separate. The problem with...
2021-11-26 14:40:34

The carrot or the stick

I've heard the phrase "use the carrot or the stick" often and wanted to explore exactly what it means. The context in which I heard it recently made me ask, "Wait a minute, is one of those supposed to be a reward?"

The idiom "the carrot or the stick" refers to...
2021-11-16 13:45:42

I will not attend

"Hey, I see you just declined my meeting but you need to attend."
"Oh, I have a new rule. If the meeting was not on my calendar when I signed in this morning, I'm automatically declining it."
"I know it's last-minute but the director needs you to be there."
"I just looked at...
2021-11-12 01:50:15

You're FedEx!

I had a package delivered, and I needed a replacement part. The company sent the part via FedEx, and they sent me a FedEx shipping label so that I can send the defective part back on their dime. So the part arrived. I took the replacement part out of the...
2021-11-10 21:36:24

No good deed goes unpunished

My neighbor doesn't have a computer or home internet. She uses her phone for email and social media. This old-school approach has led her to ask me on more than one occasion to order items for her online. Usually, it's some home decor item or a gift for a family...
2021-11-03 23:16:41

Return of the malingerers

Nowadays you have to qualify every cough, sneeze, and sniffle with the phrase "I don't have COVID." Unless you have COVID, in which case why are you around people??

My client is slowly bringing employees back into the office. The CEO stated in an all-staff meeting that anyone who is feeling...
2021-10-23 15:06:41

Metabolical - Book Darts
Chapter 28 - Final Chapter

Pg. 365 "Processed food kills people (eventually). Processed food kills pocketbooks (eventually). Processed food kills budgets (eventually). Processed food kills the planet (eventually). It's a slow process, even glacial, but we know it's happening--or at least some of us do. Others of us keep doing it anyway because it's mindless,...
2021-08-16 21:24:29

Metabolical - Book Darts
Chapter 27

Pg. 351 "So how do you truly change a whole country's behavior? Or a whole world's? In the US we reduced smoking and drunk driving. Could we reduce processed food and sugar consumption in favor of Real Food consumption? Well, we don't have to smoke, and we don't have to...
2021-08-15 14:43:34

Metabolical - Book Darts
Chapter 26

Pg 346 "The entire US food industry (grocery and restaurant) grosses $1.46 trillion per year with a profit of $657 billion, to yield a gross profit margin of 45 percent. Yet US medical costs total $3.5 trillion per year, of which 75 percent are food-related chronic diseases. Of that $2.67...
2021-08-14 16:54:31