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The great thing about Nespresso coffee pods that are ostensibly good for the environment is that they are recyclable. So you take the used pods and put them into Nespresso's pre-labeled bag, seal it up, and drop it off at any UPS location, no questions asked. That's very convenient as...
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ATM stories

When I was in college, there was an ATM in the student union building near the food court.

Aside 1: Notice I avoided the typical phrase "ATM machine" because its redundancy drives me crazy.

This ATM was affiliated with Huntington Bank, and it's the only ATM I've ever known that dispensed...
2022-01-17 23:00:40

I chuckle at your complaints about meetings

I verified that I was on mute and began chuckling in a meeting this week when the CEO at my client started complaining about meetings. Her complaint was that over a year ago she instituted a company-wide meeting block on Thursday afternoon between 12-5, and people were not following it...
2022-01-15 15:37:44

More joys of management

I received an email this morning with the dreaded subject line "COVID-19 positive." 

My role as a consultant manager means that it is my responsibility to manage the team and the people. Even though the office is in California, I haven't been on site since March of 2020. There are...
2022-01-14 18:01:27

You down with OPP?

abrahamKim , who purports to be a fan of rap music, appears to have a gap in knowledge of old-school rap. I suppose I can't blame him for not recognizing a song that's 30 years old.

I have been asking several people a simple...
2022-01-13 23:21:39

Gotta love hot sauce and condoms

Radio talk show host Tom Leykis, who refers to himself as the "Professor of Poon," offers a series called Leykis 101 to provide advice to young guys who just want to get laid without a lot of hassle. Among the tenants of Leykis 101 are the following: Never spend more...
2022-01-12 16:20:45

Time zone mania

I created a meeting schedule snafu this morning as a result of attempting to reconcile three time zones in my head. I should have written everything down.

Part of the Consultant Code (happy, abrahamKim ?) is to always state the time zone when referencing...
2022-01-11 16:12:49

Being native

I am a native English speaker.  peterdannock is a native English speaker as well, but Australian English seems to have many differences from US English. I have worked with many people who were non-native English speakers. While they speak and write well and...
2022-01-09 12:53:25

Remembering the breakfast buffet at the Sunrise Cafe

I made a batch of Bulletproof coffee this morning for the first time in a week. For the last four days, I had access to what can only be described as a spectacular breakfast buffet. 

When I booked the reservation, I noticed there was a breakfast package option. It wasn't...
2022-01-07 16:08:43

Google is no longer #1

According to Cloudflare Radar, Google has been kicked off the top spot of the most popular domains worldwide. 

Here are the 10 most popular domains at the end of last year:

Here is the list at the end of 2021:
2021-12-31 13:41:23

The real reason they want to give COVID jabs to kids

Why are children in the US being targeted so aggressively for COVID-19 "vaccines" even though they are not at serious risk of serious SARS-CoV-2 infection?

The COVID shots currently have legal immunity against liability because they are still under emergency use authorization (EUA). That's right, don't believe anyone who tells you...
2021-12-26 15:37:46