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Daniel's Pantry
🍫 10 Chocolate Bars
🍍 18 Pineapples
🍵 10 Teas
🍓 11 Strawberries
🧇 10 Waffles
🥟 15 Dumplings
🥚 9 Eggs
🍣 13 Sushis
🥓 10 Bacons
🍪 11 Cookies
🥃 8 Whiskeys
🥩 11 Steaks
🍊 11 Tangerines
🍺 7 Beers
☕️ 4 Coffees

🎾 as reply to You've never seen Max Dempsey's beard

So it was with some surprise and considerable anxiety that Max woke up that morning. The undeniable smell of hotel air hitting his nostrils and the blinding light sneaking past the curtains inspired a surge of adrenaline in his bloodstream. He glanced over at the woman in the bed next...
2022-02-25 02:55:34

I wrote this around the time of my divorce in 2003

We rail against suburbia, but it is not the enemy: it is only our version of the enemy. And enemy is not even the right word for it, this unseen power we feel over and around us, pushing us from behind into the crowd, or a dark pit, the fall...
2022-02-23 02:05:24

Everything Else
Refactoring Legacy Code

Sometimes the Idea was a good idea, but it didn't pan out in the end, and that's ok, just delete the code.

Sometimes the Idea was a good idea, and while it didn't pan out at the time, it still might in the future, but the code is really bad code,...
2022-02-22 05:58:08

Saturday Ride

I know it is going to be the longest ride I've done since last fall, before the surgery. I'm worried about my legs and my ability to absorb enough nutrients for over two hours on the bike. I wake up plenty early, have a good breakfast and two big cups...
2022-02-19 20:23:40

inauspicious day

Today was inauspicious to say the least. It started well enough: a 15-mile bike ride in the 36° 6:30am darkness, watching the sunrise over White Rock Lake.

But work was a slog, mostly because my brain and body gave up sometime around my late lunch.

Our app is a Rails 5 app...
2022-02-15 05:20:56

Sunday Morning

I just woke up, made coffee, fed the cat, made my protein oatmeal, put on a bike racing live stream (the Tour de la Provence), and started doing some email. Not bad so far. I'm going to church in about an hour. I'm going to ride my bike after I...
2022-02-14 00:38:18

I didn't get anything done today

Today started with a bit of a sleep-in. 8am. Although, to be fair, last night ended with an unusually late night.

By 10am we were at a local presbyterian church for the cub scouts pinewood derby. There is a whole backstory to this that will have to wait. But due to...
2022-02-13 04:43:43

Miles Davis and Nikki Giovanni

The other night I decide to go hang out with my daughter, who is zoned out watching stuff on her iPad for too long. I say, "Let's read!" and break out my phone to see what books I have on there that we could read together.

"You don't have any good...
2022-02-10 04:21:25

Oppressive Application of Asphalt

Freakonomics podcast: Why Is Everyone Moving to Dallas?

Shortly before listening to this podcast, I was riding my bicycle on a weekend afternoon, attempting to enjoy myself. But the mixed-use trails were clogged with walkers--two, sometimes three, or even four abreast. I would ring my obnoxiously loud bell as I approached...
2022-02-07 02:48:06

The Week That Was

Monday was a day off work and I rode almost 40 miles after having ridden over 30 miles the day before. I was wrecked after all that. I was eating everything in sight and napped a couple of times later that day. But it felt so good to be out...
2022-01-22 05:15:53