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He smiled and lit a cigar.

"We're just here to ask you a few questions.”

"I'll answer anything you want, but can I ask one thing first?"


“Why not?”

“Because we do the question-asking around here.”

"I see."

"Now, can you tell us what you were doing on the night of November 17th?"

"I was at home,...
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Starting: Removing Barriers

One of the difficult things about starting is removing things that might be in your way. I'll give an example from my own experience.

I'm terrible at meditation, yet acknowledge the good it would provide me. I've tried to get started in various ways. I've tried a number of different techniques,...
2021-03-31 04:54:38

Opinions are like...

"Strong opinions, loosely held," is held up in various circles as admirable. I'm starting to wonder. It beats "Loose opinions, strongly held," for sure, but what about just having fewer opinions that need to be held in the first place?

It seems like opinions--and, in particular, the need to express them,...
2021-03-30 01:33:44

Weekend review

I just finished a "weekly review"...a long overdue weekly review. I time-box my weekly reviews to two hours because otherwise I would be backlog swimming until dawn. I have a card (page) template in Notion:

[ ] Time-block this timePaper inbox: 30min[ ] Open unopened mail[ ] Capture any next actions[...
2021-03-22 05:03:29

More From the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows


adj. astonished to think back on the bizarre sequence of accidents that brought you to where you are today—as if you’d spent years bouncing down a Plinko pegboard, passing through a million harmless decision points, any one of which might’ve changed everything—which makes your long and winding path feel fated...
2021-03-20 03:15:25

Everything Else
starting everythingelse.dev

I guess I have technically already started, but I'm going to use this space to officially start this project, because starting will involve just getting a lot of stuff out of my head and onto a page.

I technically started because I bought a domain name and a Notion page in...
2021-03-14 17:18:14

effectiveness is overrated

I was thinking today about how doing the right things is overrated. I was thinking it's more important to do anything than to make sure it's the right thing to be doing at that moment. Often, when we try to determine the right thing to be doing at that moment,...
2021-03-13 05:10:46

"How to work with Daniel"

At work we all have our own pages in Roam and in them we write a "How to work with [me]". There was no template or suggestions although we all stole ideas from each other as to what to put in this section. This is a part of mine. I'm...
2021-03-11 04:57:27

Monday funday

Just kidding, it was a good day but this post is going to be about the veritable explosion of "networked" note-taking apps that have come out as of late.

Roam Research. Obsidian. Org-Roam. Athens. Dendron. Logseq.

I've tried half.

I tried Roam first, as you do. I still have a grandfathered-in free database...
2021-03-09 04:22:20

I'm doing it for the (virtual) beers

I'm a sucker for badges and digital collections.

Yesterday was near-perfection. It started off watching Strade Bianchi live. The images were stunning, as was the racing. Then, I went on a 53 miles bike ride. Then, I played Minecraft with my son for a while. Then we had dinner. Then our...
2021-03-07 18:42:43

Learning from the past as reply to Would you do it again?

> would you do it again?

Does it matter? I did it. There was an outcome. I learned a bunch. With the benefit of hindsight, and my tendency towards rose-colored nostalgia, and my tendency to suffer the present instead of enjoy it, things tend to seem better in the past. Daily frustrations...
2021-03-01 22:33:02