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He smiled and lit a cigar.

"We're just here to ask you a few questions.”

"I'll answer anything you want, but can I ask one thing first?"


“Why not?”

“Because we do the question-asking around here.”

"I see."

"Now, can you tell us what you were doing on the night of November 17th?"

"I was at home,...
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Echo and the Bunnymen

In the doorway stood a short, native but light-skinned man in overalls. He had a substantial grey beard on his face and a mag-fed shotgun in his hands. He motioned subtly for Tris to come through the door. Tris needed no further impetus. Without slowing, he pivoted and raced past...
2021-06-01 03:35:32

Echo and the Bunnymen
The Horsepeople of the Apocalypse

The Horsefolk, The Hooves of Hades, The Horse Gang, The Centaurians, whatever they might be calling themselves these days, were a group of centaur-fetishizing fleshmods. They injected their legs and glutes with synthetics, modded their feet to be more hoove-like, even adding hard but impressively tenacious horseshoes that let them...
2021-05-29 07:11:19

The Walk

The man wandered the streets aimlessly, unaware of where we went or if it would get him in any trouble. He hadn’t been drunk for months, and it was a bad thing. He was too happy, too content, and everyone knew it. He was becoming a failure.
Another block passed...
2021-05-25 03:08:36

Echo and the Bunnymen
The Handoff

Tris was a common courier. Sometimes he carried entirely above-board materials--legal documents, collectibles, legal wetware--but usually it was illegal contraband of one form or another. The types of things that, when in need of transportation, should not be trusted to be under the panoptical eye of a big corporation. Usually...
2021-05-22 04:59:55

Painful Tired

I wrote the song Painful Tired approximately two decades ago and I still have issues with sleep that leave my body physically aching. (This morning I feel physically ill after sleeping terribly last night, following a week of sleep deprivation.) The song describes a correlation between the external pressures of...
2021-05-21 15:12:14

I'm excited about the aliens

The recent-ish news about rational, intelligent, highly-trained people describing their experience of UFOs has me pretty excited. That excitement mostly stems from my technocapitalist-centric optimism that we can progress ourselves out of the problems we've created through our progress. I hold out hope that the aliens can and will save...
2021-05-21 14:11:19

Thinking about optimism and pessimism

Having randomly read "Pessimism Seems Like an Intellectually Serious Position", which I am not even sure I agree with enough, or feel is complete enough, to quote...

I'm most frequently accused of being a pessimist. I'm the one always doing the detailed planning that reveals everything will take longer than you...
2021-05-18 18:30:17

Echo and the Bunnymen
Hilltop Park

Bill met Tris in a new location this time. They always met in one of a handful of locations: the South Docks, the Warehouse District between building #40 and building #102, one of a couple of busy beer-and-ramen joints. But not this time. Bill had sent a coded message through...
2021-05-15 16:00:54

Want a house? Forfeit your soul.

It all started because my 9-year-old daughter and my 6-almost-7-year-old son share the same smallest bedroom in the house. Therefore, my daughter spends a lot of time in the bathroom they share with their older brother and any guests (not that that has been an issue for the last year)...
2021-05-12 03:44:31

Echo and the Bunnymen
East District

The central street of the east district was slick like a runny nose on a toddler.

"I'm not high," Tris heard someone think, as he glided down the sidewalk, through the crowds streaming out of the clubs. "You're not high. Dammit, focus," he heard the same voice think. It was the...
2021-05-08 04:47:11