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He smiled and lit a cigar.

"We're just here to ask you a few questions.”

"I'll answer anything you want, but can I ask one thing first?"


“Why not?”

“Because we do the question-asking around here.”

"I see."

"Now, can you tell us what you were doing on the night of November 17th?"

"I was at home,...
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Echo and the Bunnymen
Another option for my obsession

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.

One of my all-time favorite opening sentences, that of William Gibson's Neuromancer. Gibson is another one of those authors I deeply admire, but I've only ever read Neuromancer. I might have read Burning Chrome at some point.

Gibson coined...
2021-04-26 04:30:35

Slow Flow

I just wrote a blog post that is just chunky quotes from two different articles. I stopped short of writing my thoughts about how they relate because they're not well-formed. "Not well-formed thoughts?!" I thought, "Let's go write on adagia.org!"

I watch a lot of different YouTube channels, mostly bicycle-related or...
2021-04-25 03:48:15

Echo and the Bunnymen
Choosing a Narcissus

My first and naggingly consistent thought is Chuck Palahniuk. He's long been one of my favorite fiction authors. I have copied his style quite a bit in the past. I'm curious what would be different if I more intentionally copied him.

I'm currently read (or at least I started a couple...
2021-04-20 03:46:27

Opening ebook apps

I have 6701 articles in my Pocket read later list.

I have a reading list database in Notion. It has 302 unread books on it. 52 of those I have in my possession in one form or another. I have (10+) more in my possession that I haven’t entered into the...
2021-04-18 23:29:15


I'm currently a part of 4 learning adventure clubs:

I mentioned Learning Adventure Clubs while talking about the most recent one I've joined. But there are three more I'm currently a part of.

The most low-key one is reading Tiago Forte's Just-in-Time Project Management series:

we read silently together once a week in...
2021-04-16 20:12:32

Echo and the Bunnymen
The Echo and Narcissus Writing Club

Today I enrolled in the Echo and Narcissus Writing Club, which is being facilitated by my coworker, UX designer, art director, and anthropologist Maggie Appleton. I'm excited for a couple of reasons. First, it will motivate me to write more, and I will have this space to share that writing...
2021-04-15 04:08:14

Just a quote and to say I like the UI changes

When I say I don’t like your idea, I’m not saying that I don’t like you. And if we’ve been persuaded by marketers and politicians that everything we do and say is our identity, then it gets very difficult to learn, to accept useful feedback and to change.

Evolving our choices...
2021-04-13 04:59:23

Everything Else
Expanding on the subject matter

Keywordspracticalreal-worldpreparationSectionsProcessproblem: most people entering their first job, or whose first job was at a smaller unstructured shop (like an agency), don't have any idea about how a functional software development shop is run. They have to learn on the fly the meanings of many buzz words. They might have to...
2021-04-09 03:50:50

"Make Progress"

So I just happened across a button somewhere on this site that said, "Make Progress" and I was immediately inspired, compelled even, to write. It's curious how the copy on a digital button can change things. Had it said simply "Write" I might have gone back to some other task....
2021-04-07 03:52:26