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He smiled and lit a cigar.

"We're just here to ask you a few questions.”

"I'll answer anything you want, but can I ask one thing first?"


“Why not?”

“Because we do the question-asking around here.”

"I see."

"Now, can you tell us what you were doing on the night of November 17th?"

"I was at home,...
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In 12-step programs there are a lot of aphorisms and words-turned-into-acronyms. Many are hokey. Many are hokey but we don't care. Some are hokey until you need the message behind the thing, then they're useful, maybe even powerful.

"Fear" turned into an acronym is one of my favorites. There are multiples.

2021-10-09 18:27:02

Bikes bikes bikes

Today was an incredible edition of the Paris Roubaix bike race. Even if you're not into bike racing you should go look at some of the photos from today, just for the shock value.

I rode this morning, felt pretty poorly, got home and watched the last 90 minutes of the...
2021-10-04 03:44:09


There's some kind of intense inner need I have as a parent for things to be perfect for my child, particularly my oldest, my daughter. Not so much in terms of her getting everything she wants, which she doesn't, or never experiencing disappointment, which she of course does and will...
2021-10-03 03:54:44

Pause in the inputs

I've had a couple of days without many new inputs. I'm hoping this trend continues for the rest of the week because I'm starting to dig myself out of the hole. I won't be able to dig myself out of the hole, mind you, but I'm starting.

Cal Newport calls this...
2021-09-29 04:06:00

Lower Your Standards

(originally here)

Mediocratopia: 11

Motivation, discipline, and energy are complex personality traits. While they are not immutable functions of nature or nurture, they do form fairly entrenched equilibria. Shifting these equilibria to superficially more socially desirable ones isn’t merely a matter of consuming enough hustle-porn fortune cookies or suddenly becoming a...
2021-09-27 03:44:05

Ppl as reply to Your group

1. Wife and kids. Obvs.

2. I have a friend and we have a deal where he calls me every day and we are supposed to hold ourselves accountable to do certain daily habits but mostly we just bullshit for about 30 minutes every time. I just got off the phone...
2021-09-22 04:13:45


The thing about angry people is

They make you feel bad
For maybe hours, or a day, or days
But you'll move on

They never will
They'll be angry forever
They'll resent you
They'll talk shit about you on the whispernet

It will live inside them
Clicking seconds off their clock

2021-09-21 03:41:27

Bad day

I've had a weird day that started at 2:30 and climaxed with a trip to one of those small private ERs for an IV of fluids, pain meds, and anti-inflammatories. I just ate part of a cliff bar--my first solid food today. I wish it were all interesting enough for...
2021-09-20 03:49:11

Same! as reply to Long day

6:30 I started by not quite getting moving thoroughly enough to get a ride in in the hour (7:00-8:00) I had before The Girl's volleyball game. I worked instead which turned out to be good...I was actually productive and I hope helpful. I knew I had to get some work...
2021-09-19 02:58:38

Banh Mi

Today I had the best banh mi sandwich I've ever had. I'm not sure if I've had banh mi outside of Dallas but I know I've had a decent variety of them here. This was easily the best.

You start with the bread. The bread is the heart of any...
2021-09-18 03:18:50