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Carl waited at the cafe alone for about 20 minutes. Nervous.

He had a lot to tell his supervisor. He had researched at theΒ  Westcity publicΒ  library all weekend. Old newspapers. And now he had a thesis. But then ten minutes past. His coffee cup was empty. He wanted another, but...
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Because of COVID I stopped going out to eat with friends as a regular thing. In fact, I stopped even going out to eat or getting take out at all. I can't remember the last time I didn't cook my own meal. 

This has significantly improved the way I spend time with my partner. Cooking together is now a shared team effort and an aesthetic experience. It's no longer a chore that we want to get done ASAP. We can take our time and enjoy the making so that it's not only a means to the old end of eating.

What I've learned from this is how much couples could benefit from actually taking time in the things they rush through. Don't you sometimes find the daily watching of TV together a bit vapid? A bit like it's just dead-time? Why not instead turn something that was once a chore into a full, deliberate, and shared experience?