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Drew's Pantry
🍵 19 Teas
🍪 39 Cookies
🧇 30 Waffles
🥃 28 Whiskeys
🍣 24 Sushis
🍊 26 Tangerines
🍫 29 Chocolate Bars
☕️ 31 Coffees
🍺 25 Beers
🍍 17 Pineapples
🥟 23 Dumplings
🥚 27 Eggs
🥓 33 Bacons
🍓 15 Strawberries
🥩 17 Steaks

Thats how it always is as reply to catch up?

Will after the service rode home alone. He was thinking about what the priest said, and he thought it was weird their parents had a priest, as Jesse wasn't religious. But at that point I guess you just do whatever you think will help. He hated seeing her parents like...
2022-11-27 14:37:04

Hipsters as reply to cloud town

Will road in the car an old suit, and his Dads old tie. The cloud factory to his left he looked at it.

Yeah good to see you too!

The cloud factory was silent. He was cold, and the heat was blasting pushing away some condensation on the windshield. He leaned...
2022-11-23 14:22:20

Cloud Factory

The setting was a city, industrial. Small now, but like all Michigan cities it’s decline came when the auto industry left. When fathers blamed themselves and mothers worked more jobs than they could. Kids were picked up later. And there wasn’t enough money for that this year. Every winter...
2022-11-21 20:30:29

The facts as reply to rip

Let’s get all the facts straight. The detective thought to himself before saying it out loud. 

Marc Love, doesn’t exist. And yet, we have found him at the crime scenes of one murder and another attempt. 

The men shuffled around.and chairs creaked. 

But we have nothing on him. 

One of...
2022-11-18 23:06:16


The Fat man walked out. His face was covered, but he knew he was spotted he knew that it was the Blue man. But seeing him like that he couldn’t kill him, his face had emotion on it, worried. At the last second he pulled away, but she wasn’t suppose...
2022-11-15 21:47:25

In a bush as reply to the only thing

The fat man never killed a guy before. He thought of what the well dressed man said, 'you don't need to do it, just make sure it gets done'. He thought about that and looked at his hands. They were smooth, the work he did when he was a kid...
2022-11-14 20:16:32

Peter as reply to the stranger in the woods

He had the camera pointing at his face. Lights hot in a ring. He liked how it looked on his eyes like a cats or something. His parents told him it cost a fortune but he needed to make content. Just like the Blue Man. He would dance and dance....
2022-11-12 21:45:43

Mark as reply to caught at the cafe

He was nervous looking around he saw people staring at him, or maybe just over thinking it. Did they know? Of course not. He waited in line, and people talked over coffee, some just typed and slurped, and one guy just stared into his laptop then his cup, then looked...
2022-11-10 19:11:45

The Cafe as reply to pie

That day Blue woke up with a plan, throughout rehearsing he only thought of the plan. 

He was going to go to cafe and wait for her. Janice, he couldn't picture her exactly but he knew if he went in without the Blue and just waited he would find someone...
2022-11-09 18:06:38

Before as reply to a secret

He'd let him have a piece of the pie. He knew the fat man couldn't resist, the man in the suit chuckled. Then thought silently that  he knew something was changing in the Blue man. He knew he used to be able to control everything, felt like they were a...
2022-11-08 17:58:02