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The great thing about Nespresso coffee pods that are ostensibly good for the environment is that they are recyclable. So you take the used pods and put them into Nespresso's pre-labeled bag, seal it up, and drop it off at any UPS location, no questions asked. That's very convenient as...
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🧇 18 Waffles
🥟 15 Dumplings
🍪 12 Cookies
🥚 24 Eggs
🍓 8 Strawberries
🥓 25 Bacons
🍺 19 Beers
🍫 17 Chocolate Bars
🥃 16 Whiskeys
☕️ 21 Coffees
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So much for Wordle

I was puzzled when I looked at my statistics for Wordle today.
Played - 48
Win % - 100
Current Streak - 2
Max Streak - 46

How does this make sense? I've played every day since I started, for a total of 48 days. How can I have a max streak of 46 and...
2022-03-01 16:10:14

A Job History
A Job History Part 10 - Don't Smile 'Til Christmas

Jorgensen was a K-8 school, and the 7th- and 8th-grade classrooms were designated along one row at one end of the school. We each had a homeroom, but then classes switched all day as we taught our particular subjects. I was the math teacher. There were five classrooms, and mine...
2022-02-27 21:00:09

Where do you get your information?

I saw a headline that got my attention: "Conspiracy theorists flock to DuckDuckGo to find information banned or buried by Google." The article starts out by saying that The New York Times reported this story. Well if that's the case, why do you I need you, Raw Story? I'll just...
2022-02-24 14:02:20

Life Force - book darts
Diagnostic Power: Breakthroughs That Can Save Your Life

Pg. 71 "As humans, we're hardwired to be optimists bout the state of our bodies. We assume we're relatively healthy, that the 30 trillion cells in our bodies are behaving just as they should, that our organs, tissues, hormones, and neural signals are going about the critical business of keeping...
2022-02-19 15:14:42

MDM - You might be a terrorist and not even know it

On February 7th, 2022, the US Department of Homeland Security issued a National Terror Advisory System Bulletin. According to the bulletin: 
The United States remains in a heightened threat environment fueled by several factors, including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms...
2022-02-18 14:40:06

Happy Valentine's Day

"So how did you celebrate vaj day?"

"Sent some chocolates and a card."

"See's candies?"

"No. Boutique shop with one of those heart-shaped boxes of assorted chocolates."

"There's two types of people in the world. Those that pick a chocolate randomly and are delighted by the surprise and those that have to know what...
2022-02-14 17:07:36

Life Force - book darts
The Power of Stem Cells

Pg. 42 "In a nutshell, stem cells are the body's repair kit. They deliver the raw material--the molecular signals and growth factors--that enable us to stave off disease, bounce back from injury, and live our lives with optimal energy and peak performance."

Pg. 44 "The placenta is the organ that protects...
2022-02-13 19:34:35

A rant about the color of emojis we are "supposed" to use

Boy, this story definitely caught me on the wrong day. It' been a craptastic day, and on top of it, I see this piece from NPR Which skin color emoji should you use? The answer can be more complicated than you think.

Here is the opening: 

Heath Racela identifies as...
2022-02-10 23:18:13

Did you see that Tik Tok video?

"Did you see that Tik Tok video I sent you?"

"Which one? You send so many."

"Websites you didn't know you needed part 8. There were a couple good ones in there."

"No. I don't have time to watch parts 1-7 to know whether part 8 will be any good."

"You don't have to...
2022-02-09 14:56:38