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Brandon Wilson

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37 day writing streak


When I went off to college in the fall of 1999, I had already decided on a major. Math was my favorite and most challenging subject in high school. For some reason, I wanted to be a college professor even though I had minimal interaction with them. I was also...
2020-12-19 15:46:17

Who are the people using email read receipts?

Every now and again I click on an email and see a message that reads "XXX requested a read receipt be sent when message YYY is read. Do you want to send a receipt?" I always click no.

Who are the people using this feature? If I send an email, it's...
2020-12-18 16:09:46

Enough with the lazy writing

I have decided that there are certain types of headlines for which I will never click on the story. They contain the following phrases:

"...the Twitterverse explodes."

"...and Twitter is not having it."

"...and Twitter erupted."

I guess it boils down to any headline with Twitter in it.

What these "stories" usually entail is someone...
2020-12-17 14:38:02

AutoSave screwed me

In a situation last week, NOT having AutoSave screwed me much to the chagrin of abrahamKim . AutoSave is a must-have when writing on the web. The AutoSave that screwed me was the one rolled out to...
2020-12-15 16:35:27

Christmas cards are a waste of time

I was having a conversation with my girlfriend yesterday, in which I reiterated my belief that most Christmas cards are a waste of time. 

Why go through all the hassle to buy generic Christmas cards, sign your name, address envelopes, attach stamps, and mail these out? All just for me to...
2020-12-14 19:39:11

Tunnel vision

A buddy told me a story of a time when he visited some friends in Texas. He stayed with his friend who was living with a girlfriend at the time. The two decided to play a prank on my buddy by sneaking into his room, pulling down their pants to...
2020-12-13 16:27:28

So much for Joe Rogan

On November 25, Joe Rogan tweeted that starting December 1st, all new JRE episodes will be exclusively on Spotify. I confirmed this is true when I checked my podcast app Overcast and saw that the last episode available was #1571 released on 11/27.

The internet was buzzing over the weekend when...
2020-12-07 18:52:08

At the grocery store

I just returned from the grocery store, where it seems the cost is now the equivalent of a used car payment. And I live by myself! When did that happen? Good thing I don't have a car payment. This reminds me of the good ol' days when a great deal...
2020-12-06 19:52:05