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90 day writing streak
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Abraham is materially poor. But rich in otherways. Maybe...

Documenting Adagia
After eight weeks as reply to Choose Your Mistakes

My goal for the past two weeks had been to sustain the same work input into Adagia, but refrain from implementing anything new and instead focus on refactoring and maintenance. I'm proud to admit, that I made a big boo-boo. Big A mistake that I can admit was suboptimal, but...
2021-01-31 21:58:50

My perfect way is in... as reply to The perfect way is a myth

The other day I was brooding over a project I'd started awhile back. It was an infrastructural project that I couldn't just leave without the  product falling apart. I hadn't put as much attention into the code quality as I would like to have because the project wasn't something I...
2021-01-30 23:10:03

Skulls are beautiful as reply to Solid Versus Rigid Planning

As a kid I always thought it was stupid that the Death Star could be destroyed by two well aimed protons. How could something so powerful be destroyed by such low firepower? I loved Star Wars too much to let that get in the way of my enjoyment though.

Recently I've...
2021-01-28 16:39:50

Past Mistakes / No Mistakes

brianball and I recently discussed approaches to reflecting on our pasts. I don't want to misquote him -- which is easy to do in discussions -- so I won't describe the whole discussion. Instead I hope...
2021-01-27 15:10:30

Designing for leaders as reply to The Concept

This past week I've reflected on who I want to service with Adagia. From the title you can probably guess that it's leaders.

Back at 200WAD many regular users were leaders in one way or another even though the site's design offered no leadership hierarchy*. Writers like
2021-01-26 11:37:19

My new favorite places to write

I've now been writing within the foobar implementation of Adagia Tribes for a few weeks now. The longest running one is dedicated to writing Short Fiction. Another to practicing Hooks. And finally the most recent is for consistently practicing Poetry.

I've never aspired to write poetry. I started this poetry Tribe...
2021-01-24 22:38:38

Hail to the Six

As of today the year is 6% complete. 

Have you progressed six percent on any goals you had for this year? 

Do you still have goals by this time of the year? 

Or have they vaporized into the droll winds of holiday's end?

Hope it's the former. This is the first time I ever...
2021-01-22 15:00:23