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Highschool as fail-safe zone as reply to Friendship

Composition of my friendships match yours. Funny for me is that I probably would've never become close with my university friends had we met in high school instead.

Like you wrote, high school was a different environment. Funny and kind of sarcastic to a fault often. But it sort of allowed...
2021-01-10 17:40:04

Focus Requests

I've been chatting with brianball again and a thing that comes with this is a flurry of ideas. I actually don't like calling his ideas feature requests since it's inaccurate to describe his ideas as requests....
2021-01-08 16:10:41

In the future

I had this vision a few years ago when I was in Montreal. The subway in Montreal felt more depressing than in Berlin. The weather. The lighting. The architecture. And together all of it the people. 

It wasn't uncommon for everybody to be looking at their phone during their ride. Up...
2021-01-07 19:38:45

Letters to People
Beer; Coffee

I remember us taking so many walks. And I remember us drinking so much beer. Today I wouldn't even drink more than once a week. Back then I remember the sun setting on many Tuesdays and Wednesdays where I'd begin wondering whether you'd want to go for a beer. Don't...
2021-01-07 02:43:27

200 Words a Day
Welcome Brian Ball

Glad to have brianball give Adagia a shot. He and I have had many conversations, some of them lasting over an hour, back when 200WAD was in it's heyday. He was pretty pivotal in sparking many...
2021-01-06 19:08:23

Letters to People

I remember on our walks together I would often cite the example of Frodo leaving The Shire when the question of how we were spending our time came up. Both of us were away from family most the year, this distance becoming more normalized with each passing month, and I...
2021-01-06 02:58:56

Notes Following a Walk
College Ghost Towns

If you walk on Jordan Ave. south of campus, look north and you can see the university library from across town. The elevation of the terrain and no trees covering the path, seeing it will amaze you at how far a horizon can actually be. Usually I don't notice this...
2021-01-03 20:43:40

Now that it's begun

Often we talk quantify macro issues in measures like total cost in GPD. When I think of that measure I immediately imagine disasters like COVID or the war on drugs or the mental health pandemic. One thing that saddens me is that I believe that the U.S is starting 2021...
2021-01-03 02:25:09

Documenting Adagia
After Four Weeks

I'm happy to see we have a tiny crew of regulars here. I actually look forward to coming here to see what discourse has brewed while i was gone. It feels like a little corner of home* that I remember 200WAD feeling like.

I actually like that we are currently invite-only...
2021-01-01 22:38:53