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He popped the pills in his mouth, followed by a swig of coke. He swallowed wrong and the bubbles forced a cough and the glare in the rearview mirror of Big Joe.Β 

Come on James he thought.Β 

He took another swig of coke. Calming down, he became too aware of...
Drew's Pantry
🍡 36 Teas
πŸͺ 54 Cookies
πŸ§‡ 50 Waffles
🍍 41 Pineapples
πŸ₯ƒ 41 Whiskeys
🍫 52 Chocolate Bars
🍣 44 Sushis
β˜•οΈ 51 Coffees
πŸ₯“ 54 Bacons
🍺 41 Beers
πŸ₯Ÿ 48 Dumplings
🍊 50 Tangerines
πŸ₯š 44 Eggs
πŸ“ 37 Strawberries
πŸ₯© 38 Steaks

Something different about it as reply to changes

The next day Keith was up earlier than usual. Got dressed chewed on a piece of bread as he walked out the door. Down the steps he tried to be quiet, he lived next to his landlord, and while she said she couldn't hear him he didn't want to wake...
2023-09-03 10:05:41

Feeling Weird as reply to changes

Keith didn't know all this. In his meeting he was told, because he'd been in both A and B he'd be working a bit more. Help with a transition, some training they needed to do. As group A was doing so well they'd be changing their work adding more. Keith...
2023-09-02 20:13:00

He Thought as reply to a text from the big dog

Chewing through his bite, and his smile Keith's mind drifted a little. It felt like he was inΒ  Spacecity again, he looked back, it was sunny outside, he could see the street and the cars. Even sun poked through the window, not like the diffuse light of the uv lamps...
2023-09-01 17:29:47

His Life as reply to group b -> group a

Group A push Keith into a new rhythm he woke up at 4 before anyone else, ready a cold shower was all he needed to get on with it. He took now anΒ  espresso neat sometimes iced. In a small glass the coffee shop kept just for him. They didn't...
2023-08-31 17:31:21

Remained as reply to greg the idiot

Sometimes in Gregs day he'd spend a lot of his time waiting. He had to go to the bank. He'd go right after Stacey left the busiest time, standing in the line he'd nod at business men, finally at the end, not even to take out any money just to...
2023-08-30 16:58:01

Part of the Job as reply to the north wing

The teacher, called Monica sat at the front of the class. Like clockwork they came in, stupid kids, they didn't have a clue how the world works. Don't you get it? She would say internally, like after this is nothing. Nothing, you don't become a policeman, or a doctor. You...
2023-08-29 22:44:09

Clamy as reply to the north wing

Penn would never do this at school, but sometimes when he got home he would record all the stories he heard. Then he made predictions, who would become friends with who and all that. Sometimes even more sinister ones, like who would break up. He just kept them, tallies and...
2023-08-28 21:20:24

He Wanted as reply to greg the idiot

Greg had a few things he liked. Stacy did well to fan those interests as they waxed and waned. Every year every Christmas Stacy would get him something a magazine at least sometimes a book or something bigger. And a card. Every year it was different, there was an anime...
2023-08-27 18:53:25

Or Strange as reply to penn on friday morning

Stacey just had this and she was done for the day. Well she had to return the bus fill it up and all that. Go through and see what the kids left. Always something.

She liked for the most part this ride. A few bad kids. But you get that every...
2023-08-26 19:44:55

Gooey as reply to penn on friday morning

Penn got off the bus, and took a right the other boys a left. His friend used to called that a Richter. They used to walk together during recess, a left was a Louis, he had moved grades. Penn's friend was bright, like really bright, his name was Will, and...
2023-08-25 22:01:43