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Writing fast before biking

Flash writing I am about to bike really fast home. 

Today I wore a light blue shirt. 
And today I saw another guy in a light blue shirt. And he also had brown hair. 
Why are all these brown haired white guys wearing light blue shirts. Who told us. 
2022-06-09 21:56:34

Dark Forests

Today there was a lot of talk with friends about the whole PhD process. But I think this could be translated into other processes. We talked about what we wish we knew at the beginning and it was all very different. One person wished they knew they could do what...
2022-06-07 21:47:36

Dumb Phone

In effort to promote more deep work , I've started making my phone harder to use, and in a sense make it dumber. I recently stumbled across some actual products offering dumb or simple phones, but just setting up my phone to make it harder to get it seems good...
2022-06-06 17:08:57


tired eyes half awake or just alive on caffeine
I summon something of whats left to stare at the screen
incremental progress on something important 

Behind me the door or the big window is open to world
And cool breeze flows in and out 
The room has the calmness of friends sleeping after...
2022-06-05 16:18:57

Sperm Telomeres

Recently I learned that as men age they produce sperm with longer telomeres. 

This is weird, for two ways. 
Well maybe even more, like where they getting all this sperm. 

But scientifically, as people age we know their telomeres shorten. Telomeres are a sort of cap on the end of...
2022-06-03 10:48:00


This weekend is the queens jubilee here. 70 years in service the longest running queen in England’s history. I have not been taking it too seriously asking people what you doing for Lizzy’a weekend? And things like that. It’s nice though everyone gets two days off, an extra two days...
2022-06-01 20:54:07

1st iterations

I did life drawing probably a year ago, and the first time I did what everyone does their first time. Trying to trace the edge of the persons body. The area where the person your drawing is separated from the background, and I just highlighted that.  I learned though, this...
2022-05-31 14:54:50

If you like Pina Coladas

Escape , maybe known better as the Pina Colada song, always boosts my mood. I mean for starters the whole song's premise is funny. Guy unknowingly responds to personal ad of his wife and rekindles romance. But music wise also its a silly song, but it always makes my head...
2022-05-30 17:30:54


This was supposed to be a summer night walk. Hot air thick with small buzzes flying around darting in and out. 

But the rains changed that. It was hard and only for a few minutes. I was under a tree and it seemed like all the sounds were coming together....
2022-05-29 21:54:43


Broxborne please don’t leave anything unattended. Next station Harlow Town. There’s a station everyone gets off in. Their trying to get hotels or they can try to get into a club. And maybe they then get a night to stay. It’s hard to stay but a lot of things are...
2022-05-28 21:31:41