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A recent update to my work life, has been notebooking before work. You wouldn't think it matters, but like it helps with normal life, its been really helpful with work and organizing projects. I am not quite sure why, it feels a lot like a one on one meeting with...
2022-06-28 18:55:35

Industry Worship

I am reading a history of pollution right now, but really I guess its a history of industry. But at each period there is a shift on what they think pollution is. At first, they knew many industrial processes were bad, and they moved them away from cities, and talked...
2022-06-27 16:21:21

Like a Rolling Stone

I read today that Bob Dylan, or just Bob if I can call him that. Wrote 10 pages, just to get to the line like a rolling stone. This then exploded outward, and he added verses and choruses to make the song we know now. But before that, it was...
2022-06-26 13:37:43

I just ordered an Uber

It’s hot out. There’s some sun shining through and to be honest, the door was swung open welcoming the heat and sun with it. 

I was waiting for you. Getting ready in the other room. There’s sound of a hairdryer. And when it stops you singing whatever song you heard...
2022-06-25 18:20:36


From where I am standing I see tall grass dotted with trees. The sun has set but it’s still light out. Maybe earlier you could wear sunglasses but now heat has turned into a cold breeze, and grass shakes like a sigh. 

Birds crow in the distance and there’s a...
2022-06-22 20:41:01

Folding Napkins

Someone showed me by creasing a napkin and folding it, that you could only fold it about seven times. They weren't really making eye contact. Nor did they talk much more about this, and the conversation meandered into something more about the weather, and whether I was going to do...
2022-06-21 11:29:04

Rushed Powerpoint

I am once again on a train   working on a presentation powerpoint , but also almost forgot to write. Been thinking lately as I have been forced to write some word vomit or small notes before the day deadline that I need to just write earlier. I was also thinking...
2022-06-16 22:50:12


In chemistry for important and human reasons a lot of wait times for experiments are over night. We do this in biology too, you can even incubate some things over the weekend. Results usually work, and in many cases this doesn't matter.

But recently there have been some studies that sort...
2022-06-13 18:17:22

I flew (poem)

I flew
past fields and oak trees and stinging nettle
There was a badger or something too hard to see
the sun was setting and I could have sworn it was you

Or another version, another one acting out their plan
on a certain path 
going somewhere

Although it did remind me of grassy summer nights
2022-06-12 20:16:00


Just meant to be notes on the exihibits I just saw. There was of course the fountain of Duchamp, the turning piece of modern art. But I think or I have a feeling, that people mis interpret his intentions, I guess they do say in the description they think he...
2022-06-10 10:14:45