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I honestly can't claim any horizon projects because I'm not working on anything at the moment that I have outcome based expectations for yet.

I do have general expectations for continuing to develop the world of 
and the characters within it... which I'm doing in the "I found the diaries of Greco" series, but even with that I see it more as practice than a thing I'm horizoning.

Let me know if I'm thinking of horizon projects different than you. I'm interpreting it as the biggest, active project that you are planning to complete.


Similarly to the saving hte best part for later fallacy that writers make, I think you should just write it through. Write it through because then the real part begins. Finding what's wrong with it and why it sucks.

Most writers seem to do a better job with fixing bad writing then creating bad writing. Most writers refuse to write bad stuff so they sit with their phone in their hands staring at
or motiviational
videos instead.

Trust me, your story's going to suck really bad. No matter how great you think it is in your head. So get it out and then let's make it good.

I touch on this in 
Rewriting is easier than writing Yours Truly

Also recommend the article that's mentioned in that post. In fact just read that.
Abraham Kim
wait so does that mean Drew Hendrix is quite the disciplined guy? How would you rate this discipline on a scale of the character you painted above to transcendent monk navigating through 
wall street
... so in zen that you don't even notice them and they don't need to be out in the mountains somewhere.

 but barely. I used to a lot lol. But not as much as some of my friends.
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Damn this made me wonder if Drew Hendrix really like this in his real life. Or was he just going off on the imaginary 
lurking lazy-guy I like to shit on in my emails.

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When I was researching noise cancellation headphones I remember coming across many 
discussions about just this. People with hearing troubles who decided to get the cheaper and better Bose headphones that also have audio enhancing.

Anything that has a potential marketplace also has discussions. This is why 
Amy Hoy
's class has a segment just called 
. I never took the class but 
did and he showed me his painstorming notes. It basically involves going to online communities -- like Reddit -- and curating discussions of pains in a specific domain.
Abraham Kim