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I was looking at some things yesterday. I wanted to structure the book that I am writing properly. I have many bits of them here and there but there is no proper structure. 

So I went to a few sites to read up on plot and such. Though I have...
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Non Fiction Books

Paid Subscriptions

I got an email today. I was in the process of bulk deleting emails I haven't read when I saw this one email. 

The email was about making money through writing via paid subscription newsletter model. To understand what people are willing to pay for, there was a link to...
2022-11-29 02:16:44

Price of health

I see a few specialist throughout the year. It took me years to find the doctors I can work with. There is one doctor that took me a while to find and 4 months to book an appointment. He is an endocrinologist but has specializations in many other things as...
2022-11-28 00:10:52


I just finished a book titled -' The Poet'. It is about a serial killer. 

I used to watch back to back episodes of shows about this topic back in the day when I was brave. Because I love psychology and those shows are all about that, I was addicted. At...
2022-11-27 04:16:24

Black Friday

is here. And will be gone in 30 minutes. 

I didn't create something to sell like I planned. November hasn't been that productive a month. I have found that I can't do back to back productive months. I couldn't find the energy to be as aggressive as I wanted to...
2022-11-26 04:30:01

Family Gathering

Today we had several groups of people over for thanksgiving. We usually do lunch instead of dinner. So we end up spending most of the day together. 

The first thing we did today was open the TV to watch the world cup for soccer. Ghana was playing against Portugal. For...
2022-11-25 02:00:12


I spend a significant time on Appsumo. A site that offers software, courses and templates from different startups with a lifetime deal offer. 

I discovered them while reading a post on Medium. One writer talked about how using this one software has helped her to increase the number of posts...
2022-11-24 01:28:01


I forget where I read it but apparently bitcoin is supposed to go as low as $8k soon. 

It is hard to believe that it is at less than $20K already. Less than what it was when I got in. And I made the mistake of buying when it went...
2022-11-22 20:40:40

A Medium Experiment

I have been thinking about creating a publication on Medium. I don't want to mix my usual type of writing with the experiment that I have in mind. 

I want to write about experiments. Me trying to learn and do new things while I document my findings. I feel that...
2022-11-21 23:52:07


I am finding it hard to select shows to watch with my mom. We usually cook our meals fresh together. And usually we sit by the dining table but sometimes we try to watch something on TV. 

Our favorite shows were cooking shows. Chopped is our favorite. I have learnt...
2022-11-21 03:44:19

Communal living

In most communal cultures. there is a get together whenever there is something good or bad that happens in a person's life. Usually friends or family will spend a few nights with the person that is going through the event. 

I have often felt that having people around for the...
2022-11-20 03:40:15