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I came across a sales tip a few minutes ago. I think it is a big one. 

Sell the problem - Not the solution

I remember investing a lot of time in the features of my products. Creating a lot of visuals for the solution. I barely spent any time talking...
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Having a clear goal opened my eyes to opportunities everywhere.
I remember when I first set out to do somethings for Oct 3rd. One of them was writing related. Everyday since making my Oct 3rd goal, I would stare at the list of things I planned. Beyond writing daily, I...
2021-09-17 03:20:03

The Attention Game

I read a few interesting articles talking about the 'attention game'. 
Be it in writing, social media, tv shows, news, internet. Getting people's eye balls for more than a few seconds is everything. 

I think over the years, the business side of society has gotten better at getting our attention...
2021-09-16 01:58:43

The Dream Team - Part 2

Just a few days ago, I shared the fact that I want to build a team to proceed with my business venture. The idea wasn't new. I just never executed it properly. This time I intend to.

So to build my team, I have reached out to two people as...
2021-09-15 01:09:57

The Dream Team

As I think about what type of team I want to build, I wanted to share my ideas. And I love getting any feedback.

As I shared in a post before, I want to build a team around my current business venture. I don't have a lot of money. I have...
2021-09-14 03:10:15

Anti bucket list

Anti bucket list - What are the things you will never do again?

I saw this somewhere on social media. I quickly wrote it down. I refused to read the comments so I am not biased. I want to have my own unadulterated list. 

It is an interesting twist to a...
2021-09-13 01:05:21


The Medium Writing Challenge team made an announcement about the writing competition from last month. 

Apparently they are overwhelmed with the volume of submissions for the challenge. Over 10,000 I believe is what people have mentioned. 

I feel for the judges that signed up for this competition. It is just...
2021-09-12 02:52:20


I am starting to like the idea of having a team rather than work on my own for my business ventures. It is not only exhausting and difficult to get things done, but I need diverse ideas. 

I just read a book summary on blinkist about the power of crowds....
2021-09-11 01:57:36

Mustafa - an update

I found out yesterday that Mustafa passed away recently. I wrote about Mustafa on this platform. For some reason that post resonated with a lot of people. Maybe it was easy to write about this wonderful person I met over 15 years ago. 

A part of me was afraid to...
2021-09-09 04:17:38

If money was no issue, what would you be working on today?

Jason's writing prompt yesterday asked this question.
My response:

Exactly what I am currently doing. 


1. Work in a social innovation company that helps local people in Africa to get expertise in tech, healthcare and project management. 
2. Investing in real estate. Commercial property with multiple units. 
3 . I would...
2021-09-08 16:38:17


It was in 2019 that I considered the idea of learning about design. Thanks to Scott Adams and his view on learning the basics of a few subjects. I remember being surprised at seeing design as a skill. It had never occurred to me before.

But the more I get...
2021-09-07 22:35:11