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For the last few weeks, I have stuck with my intermittent fasting routine. I have been able to limit my meal to just once a day...usually between 5-8pm. I had started doing this 2 months ago but I always consumed heavy cream with decaf tea in the morning. Even though...
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Easter Sunday

Today is Easter Sunday for Ethiopians. And other countries that have had historically a large population of Orthodox Christians. Our Easter is off by a week or two. Christmas is on Jan 7th. 

I have asked about the reasons why it is different from majority of the world celebrates on...
2022-04-25 02:12:29


I seem to organize my space on a recurring basis. At this point, it is now something I look forward to cause I like how I feel after I am done. 

I have many different things that I need to maintain and have enough of all the time. So every...
2022-04-24 02:17:59

Learning To Trust My Instinct

I went to sell my mom's car this afternoon. 
We had previously gone to carmax where they gave us a price higher than we expected. So we decided that today was going to be the day we sold the car to them. 

As I drove towards the carmax parking lot, I saw...
2022-04-23 03:27:44

Words Per Minute

I recently heard about this thing called words per minute. It is a measure of how many words per minute a person types. It is used as a speed measurement to explore how long it would take to write the first draft of a book. 

The idea is that you...
2022-04-21 22:07:01


Just yesterday I wrote about how my health was improving. And today, I find out that I may have been exposed to someone who was exposed to someone with a confirmed COVID test. 

It is amazing how hearing that you could be sick suddenly makes you feel like you are....
2022-04-21 02:57:52


Feeling strong lately. 

I am not certain if it is due to one or many factors but I feel strong. Not physically strong but just have more energy. I am getting things done from my to do list more consistently than I did the last few month. 

I didn't think...
2022-04-20 02:34:19


I was introduced to Kaiser when my employer a few years ago decided to provide that option in the healthcare plan. At first it sounded very reasonable and I was considering moving over. Then I heard that you can't get to choose your doctor. You have to go with the...
2022-04-18 20:43:07

Me Time

I cleared my calendar for Sunday. For some reason, I had something or the other to do the whole week and I wanted to get Sunday for me. 

I enjoy spending time with others. I see a definitive improvement in my mood when I do so. This week I met...
2022-04-17 04:02:04

Eating Out

I spent most of Friday meeting my friends. Most of them are working so having good Friday off was an excuse to meet up. 

It is hard for me to meet people outside of my own home due to the severe dietary restrictions I am on. I hate having to...
2022-04-16 05:46:24

A Mountain of Mushrooms

One of the ingredients that I can eat a lot of is mushrooms. I looked into it to study its benefits and to check for anything I ought to be careful about. 

Based on my research, it is the superfood that I can eat every day. So this last week...
2022-04-16 03:30:20