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Keni last shared their writing Sleep Experiment
I have done a few experiments to try and improve my quality of sleep. 

I have come to realize that I am a night person when it comes to creativity. I find that my mind has the most interesting ideas at night. I am not convinced that I am useless...
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There are a lot odd traditions that seem overdue for extinction. 

For instance, in Ethiopian orthodox Christianity newborn male babies are christened in 40 days while females go through the exact same process after 80 days. I have asked several people the question why and got exactly zero responses. Its...
2021-06-26 23:26:10

Next steps

Last month, I searched for a functional medicine doctor and found one close by. 

The whole experience was different. The initial consultation that was a whole lot of questions and discussions lasted about an hour or so. But I was told upfront that insurance wouldn't cover the visit so I had...
2021-06-25 23:59:02


I have read Scott Adams book - 'How to fail at everything and still win big' for the 4th time. He has convinced me that I need to focus on what affects my energy cause that impact almost everything. So I have been hunting for energy boosting things that I...
2021-06-24 22:56:35

A COVID experience

Last year, I worked with a non-profit organization to help a group of us import medical equipment from China. The equipment were essential to treat COVID-19. When the project started, we did our due diligence and checked out the history of this organization. The entire budget for this project was...
2021-06-24 01:08:09

Work for others

I have done an array of tasks for people over time. And I enjoyed doing it. The interesting thing is that I realized how much I learnt from my mistakes when I am helping someone else. 

One of the most common things I did for others was showing them how...
2021-06-22 13:56:27

I am tired

Depending on who I am listening to on YouTube, my opinoin of the crypto currency changes. 

Even since mid-May, crypto made a very drastic change in direction. Bitcoin followed by all the alt coins have fallen more than 50% from their all time highs. 

For many people who were aware...
2021-06-22 02:52:35


Lately I find myself telling other people to write. I wonder if I am the only one. 

There are a few people in my life with whom the conversations are usually fascinating. The topics are things I like to write about here. But when doing it with someone that has...
2021-06-21 02:07:34


I decided to try being my own boss after a few years of working in corporate America. It occurred to me how I didn't have the energy to keep doing the 9-5 routine for too long. So I started experimenting with a few business ideas. Some of those experiments were...
2021-06-19 23:55:00


There is increasing buzz about the end of the remote working arrangement in some companies. Since the vaccination rates are increasing in the US, employers are discussing the strategy to start getting people back to work in person. 

It has been over a year and few months since most of...
2021-06-19 01:46:41


Back in 2019, when I first started writing for the first time, it was a daily task. I don't remember what convinced me to follow the post on product hunt to arrive at I believe it was on Jan 2 2019 that I started writing. 

At first, it was...
2021-06-18 02:35:03