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For the last few weeks, I have stuck with my intermittent fasting routine. I have been able to limit my meal to just once a day...usually between 5-8pm. I had started doing this 2 months ago but I always consumed heavy cream with decaf tea in the morning. Even though...
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πŸͺ 39 Cookies
πŸ₯Ÿ 28 Dumplings
🍡 41 Teas
πŸ“ 28 Strawberries
🍍 36 Pineapples
🍣 36 Sushis
🍊 42 Tangerines
πŸ₯© 32 Steaks
πŸ§‡ 25 Waffles
πŸ₯š 39 Eggs
πŸ₯“ 36 Bacons
🍺 19 Beers
🍫 31 Chocolate Bars
πŸ₯ƒ 30 Whiskeys
Non Fiction Books

Blood work

I got my blood drawn yesterday afternoon. Around 1pm in the afternoon. The lab nurse took 10 vials of blood so all my specialists could get a chance to check on all their favorite elements.Β 

I always feel nervous around this time cause I can never tell how my blood...
2022-03-06 03:29:55

Be So Good That You Don’t Even Have to Think About Algorithms

Tik tok has figured out that I am trying to create content and post on social media. 2 out of 3 videos I get are about how to go viral on tik tok.Β 

The interesting thing is that none of the recommendations match all the time. Some are totally contradictory...
2022-03-05 03:47:40

The Gut

I have been thinking about my gut these past few days.Β 
I saw an interview where the doctor stressed that artificial sugars affect the gut. And science is now catching up to the fact that the gut is also responsible for the immune system.Β 

As someone who has auto immune...
2022-03-04 01:44:38


One of the goals I have for this year is to be more flexible. I find that I am getting stiff and beginning to walk like I am much older. Especially when I see myself on video, I notice my bad posture.

Back in the days when I was doing taekwondo,...
2022-03-03 01:58:19

Unused Domains

A long time ago, after discussing some ideas with the writing group, I bought a domain that I thought may be useful.

I have a few of these domains lying around and I am seriously considering giving them up just because the recurring payment is getting to be too much for...
2022-03-02 03:31:49

2 Weeks Away

I had a little scare a few days ago.Β 
I misread a requirement for my passport. I thought it asked me for something I didn't have. I don't remember where and if I still have that document. And looking online - it will take at least 5 weeks to get...
2022-03-01 03:37:29

Not giving up

Two weeks ago, I set out to wake up at 5am.Β 

I shared how I managed to wake up at 623am one day. But everyday since has been a colossal failure. It was one thing or the other that caused me to fail. Given how spectacular my failure at this...
2022-02-28 02:25:19


I am attending a 3 day conference this weekend.

It was something I had purchased in 2020 that was going to be held in Florida in late Feb. And a few weeks before that event, COVID happened in the US. So the event got pushed year after year. And this year,...
2022-02-27 03:21:18

Top 3

What are your top 3 goals?

Someone asked me this question today and I had to think about it. I have realized my ambition to do a lot of things. Especially now that I have no 9-5 work. I gave myself a 6 month time frame to execute on things that...
2022-02-26 02:41:32


I am watching the documentary about Kanye West on Netflix. I wouldn't have bothered to watch on an ordinary day cause I don't care enough about some of the things I hear about him. 

But a few weeks ago, I took a class with the CMO - Chief Marketing Officer of...
2022-02-25 03:02:36