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Keni last shared their writing Paid Subscriptions
I got an email today. I was in the process of bulk deleting emails I haven't read when I saw this one email. 

The email was about making money through writing via paid subscription newsletter model. To understand what people are willing to pay for, there was a link to...
Keni's Pantry
☕️ 45 Coffees
🍪 43 Cookies
🥟 29 Dumplings
🍵 48 Teas
🍓 30 Strawberries
🍍 40 Pineapples
🍣 42 Sushis
🍊 47 Tangerines
🥩 41 Steaks
🧇 27 Waffles
🥚 42 Eggs
🥓 48 Bacons
🍺 21 Beers
🍫 37 Chocolate Bars
🥃 32 Whiskeys
Non Fiction Books

House of Dragons

This is the only show I am actively watching from week to week. I have to say that I hate that type of waiting for a show. 

It seems like last week's episode was the season finale. And I tried to objectively think about how I feel about the show....
2022-10-30 00:41:08

Rest Day

Today I did nothing but rest. 

After a long week of bus and train and wework, I wanted a break. As I left the wework building yesterday after dark, I told myself that today would be a relaxing day. 

I spent the day taking care of me. Got a 30...
2022-10-28 23:53:49

Getting a pet

This past weekend, my brother and I went puppy shopping. Neither of us have any experience with it so it we just googled pet smart and went to the closest one. 

We were told by a cashier that they do not sell any puppies. So we did another google search...
2022-10-27 19:36:50


Yesterday I took the subway to and from WeWork. Since I have been taking the bus regularly, I wanted to see if the train was any better. 

Both ways, the ride was almost twice the speed. No red lights and traffic to worry about. But the negative thing was how...
2022-10-26 22:08:00

Sales Experiment

The last couple of days, I assigned myself to finding a product to sell. Since I now have a better idea of how to make a good offer, I am eager to go to that phase of the business. 

I have had some experience in selling things in the past....
2022-10-25 20:36:52


I have been posting about 1-2 times a week on Medium this past month. I didn't see significant engagement on my articles. For some reason, I assumed that regular posting will make a dramatic change and could yield me more money from the partner program. 

A lot of my content...
2022-10-24 19:18:52

Show time

These last few weeks, I have been reading a lot about sales. I feel like I got a post graduate level education using a couple of books. I learnt a lot of things I was 100% ignorant about. So much so that I listened to the books many times over. ...
2022-10-24 00:17:21

Uber Idea

I was in the middle of my evening walk yesterday when I thought of an idea. 

Why don't people who use middle men to get jobs, circumvent the medium once they have a relationship with the buyer?

For example - I work with the same people on Fiverr. Why not just...
2022-10-22 21:22:08


I continue to use the bus. At first I was frustrated at not understanding what and where to go. But the drivers are very helpful. I must admit, google and Uber both make it very easy to track the routes and times. 

The first day, I had to go to...
2022-10-21 14:06:59

New Experiences

Yesterday, for the first time in almost 20 years, I took the bus to get home. I was looking at the cost of driving, gas, uber and parking to DC when I was going to the wework last week. It is NOT sustainable. 

Given my current state, I had to...
2022-10-20 16:13:08