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Keni last shared their writing Sleep Experiment
I have done a few experiments to try and improve my quality of sleep.Β 

I have come to realize that I am a night person when it comes to creativity. I find that my mind has the most interesting ideas at night. I am not convinced that I am useless...
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β˜•οΈ 20 Coffees
πŸͺ 14 Cookies
πŸ₯Ÿ 12 Dumplings
🍡 18 Teas
🍫 16 Chocolate Bars
πŸ“ 11 Strawberries
🍣 11 Sushis
🍊 13 Tangerines
πŸ§‡ 8 Waffles
πŸ₯© 15 Steaks
🍍 15 Pineapples
πŸ₯š 14 Eggs
πŸ₯“ 10 Bacons
🍺 9 Beers
πŸ₯ƒ 10 Whiskeys
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It is done. Just under 24 hours for the deadline.
I have published my post for the Medium competition.

As promised, here is the LINK. The title is "Till Trust Do Us Part".

I believe I have 24 hours to make any changes. I want to write my plan b and...
2021-08-24 04:41:38

Filler post

I am having panic attacks about forgetting to write a post and messing up my streak.Β 

This is a filler post.Β 
I am still editing. I think I finally have a working title figured out for the Medium writing competition. For the image, I whipped something up with Canva myself....
2021-08-24 02:23:33


Β Between yesterday and today, I spent a majority of my time writing, rewriting, editing and re-editing.Β 

Trying to wrap up my story for the Medium challenge that is due by Tuesday. When I wrote the first draft, the word count was close to 2000. So many crazy things happened in...
2021-08-23 01:51:34

I am in trouble

I feel a certain type of anxiety as I type this. I made the fatal error of opening I was welcomed by a post recommendation that just grabbed my attention.


The title, the image, the content - EVERYTHING was a different tier.Β 
I immediately got deflated. How am I...
2021-08-21 21:08:23

Butterfly moments
Walking with Dad

My dad came to the US recently to visit us. He is extremely found of walking and never misses a day - rain or shine. Seeing him walk everyday makes the rest of us eager to follow his example and get the same results.Β 

I started walking just about a...
2021-08-21 01:04:37


As a fun project, I started to design t-shirts on a few print of demand websites. I used to previously outsource anything design related. I assumed I had no skills there.

But one thing I have realized after trying a few things - is that there is so much inspiration out...
2021-08-20 01:05:09

2nd draft

Today, I completed the 2nd draft of my piece for Medium challenge.
It is at 1900 words right now. That is after I edited away a lot of content. It is so hard to remove things but I know I have to keep editing out over 1000 words.

This phase...
2021-08-18 19:57:24


Yesterday I was out of it. No energy whatsoever for anything.Β 

This morning I woke up and felt much better. My mind had been occupied with thoughts and decisions I need to make soon. It is a big one though I was already leaning towards one direction.Β 

Things that happened...
2021-08-18 01:40:14


Feeling numb today. I didn't get enough sleep despite going to bed early. My mind was just anxious and it was past 4 when I finally had a shut eye. All day today, I have been a zombie. Zero creativity and even worse motivation.Β 
I did mess up my sleep...
2021-08-16 20:55:50

Week 2

Another week of August is done.Β 

I have maintained my daily checks.Β 
I am even more excited since I am going towards making it a legit app. It is the one thing I have consistently continued to use to monitor myself. More importantly, I feel like it is helping me...
2021-08-15 23:14:44