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Keni last shared their writing Paid Subscriptions
I got an email today. I was in the process of bulk deleting emails I haven't read when I saw this one email. 

The email was about making money through writing via paid subscription newsletter model. To understand what people are willing to pay for, there was a link to...
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Non Fiction Books

Waking up early

It is getting increasingly harder to wake up early in the morning. Even harder to fall asleep on time. Without having something like a job or a daily routine, it is hard not to go right back to sleep. The sleep in the morning is extra nice and I hate...
2022-10-09 22:04:23


I spent 3 hours playing poker this evening.
I thought I was getting very good until I see how other players seem to win every hand.

It takes exactly 10 minutes before everyone at the table can tell that I am still learning. The one giveaway is that I keep forgetting my...
2022-10-09 03:48:22

5 Ways to make $100K online in 6 months - A Review

One very popular writer that I found on medium posted this tweet - - about making money online. This is me sharing his writing and reviewing it. 

 1. Substack: 

My take - A few people I know use substack already. Brandon just celebrated his 2 year mark. I...
2022-10-08 02:39:06

Consistent Writing experiment

I haven't written on Medium in a while. I know I have over 500 different posts that I have written since 2019 on almost a daily basis. So I have a lot of content I could repost. Every book or course I have taken says that I should post online...
2022-10-07 01:13:53

Man's Search For Meaning

I joined a book club exactly a year ago. It was a group of Ethiopian ladies that met via zoom one day a month to discuss the book that was chosen for the previous month. Both fiction and non-fiction is allowed. I remember writing about how great that book club...
2022-10-05 22:44:22


Over the last 2-3 months, I was binging on fiction. I had no appetite for anything self help related. For a devote self help junkie like me, that was a dramatic move.

While reading several books a week, I realized that I need some variety in my selections. I was already...
2022-10-04 04:26:29

Poker - 2

What I have learnt in my short 1 month career as a poker player is the following:

1. Poker is a more real life scenario type of game than most things out there. The uncertainty, the variables, the multiple decision making opportunities and immediate consequences makes it more real life type...
2022-10-03 21:15:42

Poker face

Some years back, I had decided to work on getting better at decision making. One of the most recommended books for that subject is one titled - 'Thinking in bets' by Anne Duke, a professional poker player. I read most of the book then and remember thinking to myself that...
2022-10-02 04:32:54

Project Documentation
September 2022

Name three things you can improve on this upcoming month? What concrete actions can you take on to work towards these improvements?

1. Consistent writing. Joining the #teamstreak encore.
2. Sleep time and quality.
3. Making part time income.

After the time away from anything other than health, these 3...
2022-10-02 03:48:44

Hello my writing family

This has been the longest break I have taken since Jan 2019. 

A much needed break from everything in addition to writing. It feels weird now to just write. I feel like a newbie. But I am here to update the wonderful people I have become close to over the...
2022-09-15 04:43:48