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For the last few weeks, I have stuck with my intermittent fasting routine. I have been able to limit my meal to just once a day...usually between 5-8pm. I had started doing this 2 months ago but I always consumed heavy cream with decaf tea in the morning. Even though...
Keni's Pantry
☕️ 43 Coffees
🍪 39 Cookies
🥟 28 Dumplings
🍵 41 Teas
🍓 28 Strawberries
🍍 36 Pineapples
🍣 36 Sushis
🍊 42 Tangerines
🥩 32 Steaks
🧇 25 Waffles
🥚 39 Eggs
🥓 36 Bacons
🍺 19 Beers
🍫 31 Chocolate Bars
🥃 30 Whiskeys
Non Fiction Books

Book Club Retreat

I joined a fantastic book club around Oct of last year. We meet via Zoom on the first Saturday of every month to discuss the book we read the previous month. 

So far we have read fiction and non-fiction. We also read a book written by one of the book...
2022-04-15 01:31:45

Chess Mind Hack

I am aware when my mind is not at a 100%. I can usually tell if drinking caffeine is helping or not. There is some fog that gets cleared up almost instantly.

But lately, I have found a more concrete way of knowing how sharp my mind is. I play chess...
2022-04-13 19:29:58


I spent most of today trying to get my documents for taxes. 

I didn't realize it was already April and time to file taxes. I usually have a lot of my documents ready for getting the necessary transactions. But this year, there is crypto transactions that make things a bit...
2022-04-13 02:48:01

Script writing

Someone I met through a class read my write up on Medium yesterday. Since we share all our socials during the class, I don't usually know when and if anyone follows up on the links. 

This particular person is interested in writing a book so she was eager to know...
2022-04-12 03:19:53

Writing Young

Today I met a couple who were friends of mine from work. It is interesting to see people mostly after the 2 year mark due to COVID. A lot of people have more grey, have gained weight of changed their hair styles. It feels odd to see people that live...
2022-04-11 03:14:03

Supply Chain

I have ownership of my car again. 
It took 7 days to get my car back from the Toyota dealership.

I had an issue with my car not starting a few times. I was able to get a jump start and got it to work but I decided to see what...
2022-04-10 02:26:00


I drove a Tesla today. 
My brother is about to take a road trip and decided to leave his Tesla behind. In case of any emergency, he wanted to make sure that I am capable of driving the car. 

So this afternoon, I got in the most amazing looking electric...
2022-04-09 01:54:58

Dubai Journey - The flight

I consulted a few people to decide which flight to take to Dubai. Emirates was hands down the recommended airlines. 

I picked it for an additional reason. They had zero cancelation fees at the time I booked the flight. Since I wasn't certain that I could renew my passport on...
2022-04-07 21:59:19


Data.... the only way to tell if something is working. 

I started to avoid meat just a few days ago. I made other changes as well but avoding meat was the most dramatic. 

I read 3 books online for the condition I am trying to improve before creating a plan...
2022-04-06 17:27:56

2nd Quarter

I spent a few days on planning what to do for my health. 

I was already doing a lot but I am not seeing the type of change that I am looking for. I need to get some of my bloodwork to be in a specific range in order to...
2022-04-06 00:16:39