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The first Saturday of every month, I meet with two groups of ladies. One is a book club and the other is a group I became a part of after an online class. 

The book club is mostly Ethiopians and we read a book that has been voted by the...
Keni's Pantry
☕️ 50 Coffees
🍪 44 Cookies
🥟 32 Dumplings
🍵 53 Teas
🍓 30 Strawberries
🍍 44 Pineapples
🍣 45 Sushis
🍊 53 Tangerines
🥩 45 Steaks
🧇 31 Waffles
🥚 43 Eggs
🥓 49 Bacons
🍺 24 Beers
🍫 39 Chocolate Bars
🥃 32 Whiskeys
Non Fiction Books

New Experiences

Yesterday, for the first time in almost 20 years, I took the bus to get home. I was looking at the cost of driving, gas, uber and parking to DC when I was going to the wework last week. It is NOT sustainable. 

Given my current state, I had to...
2022-10-20 16:13:08

I Owe You

The one difference I thought about the US and Ethiopia was the presence of institutions and systems for everything. Compared to most of the world, the US has very stable and structured systems in place for most things. 

Having lived in the US for so many years now, I have...
2022-10-19 17:22:03


I am alternating between two books. One fiction and one non-fiction about sales. 

I am really into the sales book. For the first time in forever, I found myself reducing the speed of my audible app to 0.9x normal speed while reading it. The concepts are so new to me...
2022-10-18 21:44:53

Fiction VS non-fiction writing

This month, I have been focused on one skill - sales. That introduced me to authors I didn't know about in the past. I found two books - 'Sell it like Serhant' and '$100M offer'.

I like the $100M offer a lot. I will be writing about it here. I feel...
2022-10-17 17:18:00

Day 7 of 7

Of my 1 week experiment to wake up early. 

It was a goal of mine to dedicate October to fixing my sleeping routine. Since I wasn't not working, there was no routine to force me to sleep or wake up at a specific time. I naturally like the night time...
2022-10-16 15:10:09

Day 6

Of my 1 week challenge to wake up early.

Today, I woke up at 6am without any issues. Mentally I felt sharp. And I felt like I completed the week on a high. 

I spent most of today with family affairs. Driving people around. Researching information. But they were all things...
2022-10-16 01:17:42

Day 5

Of my 1 week experiment to wake up early. 

It was a breeze to wake up today... on day 5. But I ended up not needing to go to DC. I discovered that I felt lazy by that fact. The act of dressing up and going somewhere has helped me...
2022-10-14 21:40:09

Day 4

Of my 1 week experiment to sleep early and wake up early.
Today was ok. I had some issues with my sugars in the am so I had to wait before I could drive. I was still strong and made my 1 hour commute with ease.

I was able to get a...
2022-10-14 01:45:31

Day 3

Of my 1 week experiment for waking up early. 
Today was a good one. 

I woke up feeling rested and ready. My Oura score was 90 and I got a crown for these markers:

- Total sleep -- 8 hours 58 minutes
- Efficiency -- 83%
- REM sleep -- 2 hour 6 minutes (23%)
2022-10-12 16:32:15

Day 2

Of my 1 week experiment with waking up early. 

Two words.
Colossal failure.

I went to bed very early yesterday. I was exhausted and had managed to not take a nap in the middle of the day. So by 8pm, I was in bed and probably asleep. I woke up at 11am...
2022-10-12 00:38:54