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Keni last shared their writing Paid Subscriptions
I got an email today. I was in the process of bulk deleting emails I haven't read when I saw this one email. 

The email was about making money through writing via paid subscription newsletter model. To understand what people are willing to pay for, there was a link to...
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Powerful Question

Today at my retreat with the girls, someone asked a very interesting question.|

If you could have a do-over, what would you do for a career?

One by one, we went around the table and tried to answer the question. It is not an easy question to answer. Especially since the second...
2022-05-15 01:43:05


I remember discussing the topic of salary with work friends. The fact that it is frowned upon by HR of companies in the US, feels like it is a decision made to benefit employers more than employees. 

I was discussing this topic with a few people in a club. Most...
2022-05-14 01:13:30


Tomorrow I am off to the beach. Just 2 hour away.

I am going with a group of ladies that I haven't met in person before. But we belong to an excellent book club that meats once a month to discuss the book we read for the previous month. 

I joined...
2022-05-13 02:42:31


I am spending a few days with my sister and her kids. I arrived just yesterday.

It is amazing the amount of structure that is you need to have around children. There is a time to eat. Time to brush the teeth. Time to go to bed. Time to wake up....
2022-05-11 21:39:09

Coming to America

The plane descended at the Dulles airport. I felt both nervous and excited at what awaits me. The airport looked so futuristic. Everyone around me looked busy. Except the other first timers like myself. The facial expressions could clearly separate the locals from the new arrivals.

My mother received me at...
2022-05-10 23:52:19

Single Mothers

I used to have a very skewed view of single mothers. Especially coming from a conservative country like Ethiopia. if a woman becomes a single mother, she has brought shame and disrespect to her family at large. Often single mothers struggle to get housing, jobs and acceptance in society. 

2022-05-09 20:31:51

Discovering me

Slowly I got accustomed to the campus. I started to recognize people that took classes with me. We had similar routines. Classes, meals and library visits around the same time everyday. 

After a few weeks, the class segregation was crystal clear. The rich kids wouldn’t go to the cafeteria. They...
2022-05-08 04:18:34

Getting Into Campus

I was at my mom’s office when I first heard. I was accepted at Addis Ababa University. The 6-kilo campus. My first choice. I hadn’t scored very highly at the school leaving exam. 3.2 out of 4. I was expecting to be assigned to a University outside of the capital...
2022-05-08 01:20:41


Just finished watching the Ozark.

I am bummed it is over. One of the few shows I stumbled upon a few years ago and loved instantly. It someone reminds me of 'Breaking Bad'... but this time it is a whole family as opposed to just one man.

The dialogue and story line...
2022-05-06 21:14:20


Yesterday I was investigating unconditional love. Today I am thinking about unconditional anything.

Unconditional trust.
Unconditional faith.
Unconditional respect.
Unconditional obedience. 

The older I get, the more I realize that I have a problem with any and all of the things that are unconditional. 

George Carlin has a piece where he argues if parents...
2022-05-05 21:21:29