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For the last few weeks, I have stuck with my intermittent fasting routine. I have been able to limit my meal to just once a day...usually between 5-8pm. I had started doing this 2 months ago but I always consumed heavy cream with decaf tea in the morning. Even though...
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New Goals

I stayed up most of yesterday trying to do 2 things. 

- Stop my mind from thinking about the trip.
- Find what I can do to make it. 

I ended up on a New York times article

Apparently the issue with passport is a very common thing. 
From that article,...
2022-03-15 22:38:13

Keep on trying

I woke up today - with a little bit of hope.
Went straight to the internet and checked the status... same nonsense - in process.

After speaking to my brother, he said that I should call the center and escalate it to someone that can give me a proper response. The thought...
2022-03-15 00:56:54

What to do

I been wondering all day today. 
What do I want to do with a week that was allocated for something else?
My mind is already in vacation mode so I can't do anything that needs concentration.

So what are my options?

Watching a whole lot of Netflix.
Reading books.
Going to the spa.

What else is...
2022-03-14 01:44:48


I haven't been ok last few days. 
I didn't expect that I may have to cancel on my trip to Dubai. The last 24 hours, I spent trying to make myself not think about what I could have done to change the outcome of my passport. 

It is pointless to...
2022-03-13 01:23:40

Best Laid Plans

Today was supposed to be the last hurdle. 
The last doctor I was going to see to get the all clear was today. And I got it. He said everything looks good and he doesn't need to see me for another 3 months. 

I was starting to celebrate when I...
2022-03-12 00:02:50

A New Hurdle

My passport has not arrived yet. 
I had my appointment on Tuesday and the agent said they would overnight it. It is Thursday morning and there is NOTHING in my mail. 

My flight is scheduled for Monday morning so I am going into panic mode. I only had one doctor...
2022-03-11 00:39:30


Today I booked my hotel for Dubai. 

Just 15 minutes walk from the Nassumit conference hotel. So everything is in downtown. I could walk to the conference on all three days if the weather is good enough. The hotel is great with a lot of amenities that I don't usually...
2022-03-09 20:20:16

Hurdle #2

Today I applied to renew my passport. 
I set out to the nations capital early in the morning and arrived 30 minutes before my appointment. I had everything that was required in an organized folder. For whatever reason, I was nervous. A few people told me that the process is...
2022-03-08 22:12:14

Hurdle #1

Today I saw 3 of my 6 doctors. I tend to keep all my appointments around the same time so that I don't have to do bloodwork on multiple occasions. 

The 3 I saw today went well. The consensus is that I am hard on myself. The fact that things...
2022-03-08 02:53:05

Intense Week

The upcoming week promises to be slightly stressful. 

I have 6 doctor's appointments... many of them are quarterly routine checkups.
I have 1 appointment with the urgent passport renewal office. Hoping that it results in a same day service. 

And I have an appointment for a TSA pre paperwork. 

All these...
2022-03-07 00:53:52