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I got an email today. I was in the process of bulk deleting emails I haven't read when I saw this one email.Β 

The email was about making money through writing via paid subscription newsletter model. To understand what people are willing to pay for, there was a link to...
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Non Fiction Books

Car Insurance

Today I changed my car insurance company. I was being ripped off by the company I had before. For whatever reason, I never bothered to shop around. After many years of paying a lot for car insurance, I finally made the switch today.Β 

The cost was much smaller for exactly...
2022-05-24 22:05:26


I am still recouping from a cold that got worse yesterday.Β 

Oura ring says my score today is 47... a few points more than yesterday...but my temperature is 2.8 degrees higher than usual. I am taking it easy to help my body recover. Just watching a lot of Netflix and...
2022-05-23 17:46:09


Yesterday my throat started to itch...runny nose arrived by end of day. And I struggled to fall asleep.

This morning I woke up feeling horrible. And yet I couldn't stay in bed. Oura ring gave me a score of 35 and said both my temperature and resting heart rate were up....
2022-05-22 16:01:39

Moving Back

Today, I got back in my place. For the last month and a half, I have been a nomad of sorts. Different members of my family were traveling and I was the floater moving about to fill gaps where needed. As an unemployed member of society, I had certain responsibilities...
2022-05-21 20:24:01


Apparently, I have been writing for 400 days straight. That is more than a whole year. It was about a year ago that my health took a nose dive so writing daily wasn't an easy task when I restarted my streak. 

But here I am... Day 400 and I am still...
2022-05-21 00:19:56

Good Decisions

About 7 days ago, I moved in with my sister for 10 days.Β 
It is an interesting experience to see how my sister does everything. She is a no nonsense type A personality.

After seeing how I am with my sugars, she started to ask me a bunch of questions. Over...
2022-05-19 23:11:22

May 17 + 1 as reply to may 17

She started at the wall. That's where she had placed her calendar. Every month, she would place a printout of the month and would scratch of the day at about 10pm exactly. The goal is to be deliberate about each day.Β 

But yesterday, she ripped it off the wall. The...
2022-05-18 22:20:10

My Mercedes Is Bigger Than Yours

In a meeting a few weeks ago, someone recommended a book to the rest of the meeting attendees. It is supposed to be a funny and thought provoking book about culture.Β 

It was written by a Nigerian writer in 1975. The title is 'My Mercedes is bigger than yours'. I...
2022-05-18 01:52:00


"Babe, do you know what the date is?" She asked with an expression on her face.

"May 16," he responds.

"And?" she presses.

Now he has a worried look on his face.
"May 16th?" he says the date aloud a few times to see if his memory can retrieve any significance of that...
2022-05-16 17:58:45


I just got back from my weekend retreat with 5 other ladies. It wouldn’t be far fetched to say that I didn’t really know the ladies outside of our monthly book review sessions.

They are all from Ethiopia, they are all ladies and around the age group… though I suspect that...
2022-05-16 02:45:49