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🥟 22 Dumplings
🍣 15 Sushis
🧇 20 Waffles
🥚 33 Eggs
🥩 22 Steaks
🍺 23 Beers
🍍 29 Pineapples
🥃 25 Whiskeys
🍫 24 Chocolate Bars
☕️ 16 Coffees
🍊 24 Tangerines
🍪 20 Cookies
🥓 25 Bacons
🍓 25 Strawberries
🍵 29 Teas

Shay Hun's Blog
MJ > Bey

One of the most shocking things I’ve seen on God’s green internet is Beyoncé fans comparing her to Michael Jackson. 

Nothing describes delusion, more than such comparisons. 

Greatness doesn’t really describe how MJ. I grew up knowing Micheal Jackson, way before I ever watched any music videos of his. That...
2022-09-12 22:20:17

Shay Hun's Blog

Tradition is beautiful. 

It’s beautiful to see something (rituals, cultures, food, values, fashion activities, etc) that have been in existence for long 

But it seems there’s a certain generation now that just want to destroy everything that’s tradition. 
2022-09-11 20:26:50

Shay Hun's Blog

The Queen of England passed away some days ago.

In her dying hours, on Twitter, a certain Nigerian-born, US-based Professor wished her "excruciating pain" because of the Colonial Era.

I heard the chief monarch of a theiving raping genocidal empire is finally dying. May her pain be excruiciating.

Twitter has since...
2022-09-10 22:55:55

Product Thinking
Mix n Live

As a Product Manager. 

Start integrating Mixpanel on the day the first line of code is written. 

Handle your customer support  live chat till you can’t. 

You’ll gain insights years of product thinking will never give you. 
2022-09-09 19:55:23

Shay Hun's Blog
Netflix Get Smart With Money

Netflix's most recent Documentary is a great one.

"Get Smart with Money" is a show we should have more of. It's an educational one that our society is in need of.

The effort and thoughtfulness that went into the show are commendable.

You should see it.
2022-09-08 22:17:53

Shay Hun's Blog
PerFin 101

I think the fundamental realisation one must come to terms with when trying to put personal finances in order, is that whatever you're earning will never be enough.

Come to think of it, an introductory lesson in High School Economics is that "Human needs are insatiable".

The salary plus passive income will...
2022-09-07 21:47:09

Shay Hun's Blog
Android TV box, Google Boxed

Smart TVs are the rave. 

Android is the most popular Operating System around, generally. 
Google owns android. 
Google doesn’t make TVs. 

Most Smart TV makers ship their own operating system on their TVs. They don’t care about Android and they honestly shouldn’t. If Google wants to compete, it should start...
2022-09-05 21:40:37

Shay Hun's Blog
Amazon Vs HBO

Rings of Power vs House of the Dragon

Since I watched the first episode of HBO's House of the Dragon I knew it would be a bad idea for any streaming service to release a major show during this period. House of the Dragon is that good.

Prime Video released a Lord...
2022-09-04 20:22:16

Shay Hun's Blog

Went to market myself today. 

It’s my first time since I moved into my apartment. That in itself is something interesting because I’ve been here since April. I’ve always been hesitant to go myself. 

I broke that today, and I enjoyed it. Well, I should I observed how my money...
2022-09-03 20:06:15

Shay Hun's Blog


I can't believe this. I can't believe I have exhausted 150 Gb of internet data in less than 16 days.

How is that even possible???

Was it because I watched all the Mission Impossible movies within a week? But my TV hasn't been switched on all this week either.

Okay, I took my...
2022-09-02 22:51:53