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🥟 22 Dumplings
🍣 15 Sushis
🧇 20 Waffles
🥚 33 Eggs
🥩 22 Steaks
🍺 23 Beers
🍍 29 Pineapples
🥃 25 Whiskeys
🍫 24 Chocolate Bars
☕️ 16 Coffees
🍊 24 Tangerines
🍪 20 Cookies
🥓 25 Bacons
🍓 25 Strawberries
🍵 29 Teas

Shay Hun's Blog

How long does it take to learn?

How long does it take to learn and implement?

How long does it take to inculcate in one's self the central idea of a single book?

Perhaps, the above are wrong questions.

How do you learn?
2022-08-18 20:07:20

Shay Hun's Blog

A white man. 

An earlier troubled business. 

New 400 million fund raised for a new business.

A proper social discourse. 
2022-08-17 21:48:25

Shay Hun's Blog

You get to a certain age and it’s either of two things. 

1) Only old songs are worth listening to. 

2) Old songs are great and you should never stop listening, however you should try and enjoy new songs too. 
2022-08-16 22:43:06

Shay Hun's Blog
Fixing drop in perfomance

The sight of the decline of a once super performer is a sad sight to behold.

Here are some ways to stop such decline;

Diagnose the problem. The person in question is a good performer gone bad, the first step is to find the reason for the decline in performance. The problem...
2022-08-15 16:12:33

Shay Hun's Blog

Today is Sunday. 

A couple of Sundays before last week Sunday, I use to prepare for Mondays on Sunday evenings. 

It’s a trap. 

Instead of preparation, my mind and hands just start working. 

I want to stop that nonsense completely. This Sunday evening, void of “preparation for Monday”, is a...
2022-08-14 19:35:35

Shay Hun's Blog
The fans’ dilemma

Supporting a sports club is interesting. During the good times, when your club is winning, you savor the times, revel in it and even throw bants at your fiends.

When the bad times come, it will bite you. Or you’d have to remind yourself…

“it’s only sports after all”

“the players are...
2022-08-13 22:10:45

Shay Hun's Blog
A Merry Heart as reply to laugh often

“All this from doing something that’s already enjoyable”

I love that.

Personally, I’ve been laughing more in recent weeks. But my trigger has been the Bible.

Below are various translations of my favorite scripture on laughing.

Proverbs 17:22

New International Version
A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries...
2022-08-12 22:28:02

Shay Hun's Blog

Google shouldn’t be allowed to own the worlds largest search engine and the worlds largest video sharing platform. 

Google Search and YouTube reminds you of the awesomeness of the internet in ways no other platforms can. 

The depth of knowledge you have access to via Google Search is massive. Naval...
2022-08-11 19:59:58

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The Terminal List

The Terminal List is a show on Prime Video. 

It’s a good one. 

To be fair, I love any show/movie about Navy SEALs. Plus, Terminal List adds it’s own unique twist. 

Kinda thankful we have the Hollywood who keep giving us such movies. Nigeria movie industry can’t relate. 

Commander James...
2022-08-10 22:41:40

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Saw a new website today

Here are the rejections that caught my attention. Because these guys went to on be super experts in their fields. They were even top guns when they had these rejections.

Really interesting.

Rejected by LinkedIn for not knowing enough JS. Couldn't even get a phone screen...
2022-08-09 21:34:15