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Seun's Pantry
🥟 22 Dumplings
🍣 15 Sushis
🧇 20 Waffles
🥚 33 Eggs
🥩 22 Steaks
🍺 23 Beers
🍍 29 Pineapples
🥃 25 Whiskeys
🍫 24 Chocolate Bars
☕️ 16 Coffees
🍊 24 Tangerines
🍪 20 Cookies
🥓 25 Bacons
🍓 25 Strawberries
🍵 29 Teas

Shay Hun's Blog
Hulu - Tyson

The Streaming service, Hulu, is releasing a miniseries very soon - Mike. It's based on the story of Mike Tyson. In fact, according to the trailer, the protagonist bears the name Mike Tyson.

The trailer looks good. 

Really good.

The issue is, Mike Tyson says Hulu is making the show without compensating...
2022-08-08 16:13:32

Shay Hun's Blog
Mobile Phone

If your mobile phone is an integral part of your daily work (career), there’s a high chance you’re messed up already. 

The mobile phone has a horrible way of messing with your attention for other things. To do something else with full focus, you’d definitely have to put your phone...
2022-08-07 20:08:44

Shay Hun's Blog

The English Premier League is back. England’s top tier football league is Nigeria’s most watched league. 

Nigeria as a country love football, but why the English Premier League? Why not Spanish La Liga or Italian Serie A or Bundesliga or Ligue 1? 

Could it be because the UK was Nigeria’s...
2022-08-06 22:01:12

Shay Hun's Blog
TV Shows - Second Season

Why do filmmakers delay the announcement of a second season for a very successful tv show. 

I don’t know all the answer, but I think one of it is because they really need to see the end from the beginning. 

Announcing a new season makes no sense until you know...
2022-08-05 20:48:06

Product Thinking
Big products, damning product omissions

Some products I use daily, have seriously ridiculous product omissions. Here's a few.

WhatsApp - You can't highlight a word. You'd have to highlight the entire message. That means you can't look up a new word quickly in a dictionary.

YouTube TV App - There's no repeat. This is the most ridiculous....
2022-08-04 22:16:11

Shay Hun's Blog

I fast every Wednesday. I don't eat until 8 pm.

Some Wednesdays, my energy is high and I'm just breezing through work. Since there's no food or drink break, I start working in the morning and I don't leave my desk until I'm going for prayers by 4 pm.

Some Wednesdays, I...
2022-08-03 21:08:42

Shay Hun's Blog

With books, the possibilities are endless.

-  You understand how the world works. 
- You see patterns of behaviours. Which reminds you humans are all products of influence after all, including those who say otherwise.
- You get inspired 
- You see and know why things are the way they are. This usually gives...
2022-08-02 22:56:18

Shay Hun's Blog
Happy New Month

The gift of a new day. 

The gift of a new week. 

The gift of a new month. 

Another chance. Another shot. Another opportunity to begin again, more intelligently. 

Grateful for these beautiful gifts. Moreso if it falls on the same day. 

Happy New Month folks. 
2022-08-01 22:29:23


Love makes the world go round. 


People are everything. Friends, Family & Acquaintances. 

People make life beautiful.  
2022-07-31 20:49:55

Shay Hun's Blog
Why I listen to music in foreign language

I love listening to music in foreign languages. But I didn't know why.

So I thought to Google.

The immediate reasons on Google were; Trigger Interest in Learning a New Language. Develop an Appreciation for Other Cultures. Discover More About Your Heritage. Place Emphasis on Melody Over Lyrics. None of the above...
2022-07-30 21:09:50