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The Wedding. 

Church and Reception. 

Church service started by 10am, ended by 2pm. Traditional Church. Some said we should be grateful it didn’t end by 4. 

Drove to the venue of the reception. 

Lots of old faces. Lots of friends. Lots of pictures. 

Lots of tiredness too. 

I just want...
Seun's Pantry
🥟 15 Dumplings
🍣 9 Sushis
🧇 12 Waffles
🥚 21 Eggs
🥩 13 Steaks
🍫 15 Chocolate Bars
🍺 15 Beers
🍍 18 Pineapples
🥃 12 Whiskeys
☕️ 11 Coffees
🍊 15 Tangerines
🍪 14 Cookies
🍵 25 Teas
🥓 13 Bacons
🍓 17 Strawberries

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All I've always had. I owe everything I know to books. 

I encountered the power of books as a teenager and I've since been hooked. Everything I know in the faith. Books. My ability to speak well to an issue. Books.

I should probably read more fiction. It's been a while...
2022-01-17 19:42:30

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Two Filmmakers

Two Filmmakers.

Christopher Nolan.
Guy Ritchie.

I consider both of them successful in their own rights. Yet they approach their craft differently.

Nolan doesn't just make movies. Ritchie pretty much makes movies every other year. Yet not all Nolan movies are masterpieces, and not all Ritchie movies are horrible. 

Nolan has more good movies...
2022-01-16 21:06:41

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It’s amazing how powerful music is. It’s intriguing how words uttered as rhythms can affect emotions. It can lift the spirit. It can bring down a happy heart. And it can also maintain an emotional state. 

Of course, we know words are powerful. But the power of words when uttered...
2022-01-15 21:38:44

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The gift of a new day is a powerful reminder. A powerful reminder that yesterday ended last night. It’s success and it’s failures. That you can begin again. 

A new day.
A new week.
A new year. 

2022-01-14 19:42:44

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Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill fascinates me. The story that surrounds him as The Witcher really inspires me. 

The Witcher was firstly a successful game franchise. The game was based of a polish novel series. 

Henry is a big fan of the game. And a fan of the books also. 

When it was...
2022-01-13 19:37:07


Gratitude is a good servant. Welcome her into your life and watch her change everything. 

She walks you through past events of your life and  you begin to see how many miracles and deliverance you’ve taken for granted. 

With her hands in yours, present events are given meaning. 

The beautiful...
2022-01-12 20:03:40

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Such days.
Such nights.

Silent nights
Holy nights
All is calm 
It’s just too calm
Not so calm 

You just need to sleep 
In the morning 
You’ll be alright 
2022-01-11 20:15:06

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Venture Capital

The tech startup game, the Venture Capital backed one, is a very interesting game. 

Feels like the moment venture capital money comes into the business, the basic aim of a business concern which is profit is thrown away. From the point onwards, it’s just growth. High growth. 

Sometimes I understand...
2022-01-10 22:04:40

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You don’t chase it. You choose. 

You don’t attach it to anything, even if you think you can control or determine the outcome of that thing. Just that tie it to your happiness, once you do the dynamics of everything changes. 

That’s what happens to everything you tie happiness...
2022-01-09 22:10:49

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Two random heuristics.

Know yourself / Know your place. Have a proper estimation of yourself, your background, your education etc. Don't be caught in the delusion of grandeur.

Mind your business. This has to be the first step to peace. Mind your business, don't involve yourself in issues that don't concern you.
2022-01-08 19:35:49