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When the shooting stopped Layla got up from under the bar and looked around for George. She uttered a scream and immediately turned around to puke. He was resting in a puddle of blood, face down, his intestines blown out splashed all over the floor.

Everyone else in the bar seemed...
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Short Stories


I have ten days left to submit a text about water for simulacrum Magazine. When I decided to doit I had a lot of ideas. When I began writing them down I found that they weren't really that many. I drink water, water is good to stay hydrated, water is...
2022-10-07 11:22:52

need sleep

Today I woke up at 4 AM by accident. Before bed, I have set an intention to wake up early today, so I set the alarm for 6:24 AM, a second one for 6:45 AM, and the third one for 7 AM. I might have put a bit too much...
2022-09-30 08:37:19

Hello Friends.

Every now and then I like to offer myself something that is not quite a necessity but makes me feel good. This time I have bought myself a MelGheek Keyboard - Mojo 84. This keyboard is absolutely amazing and I love it so much!

There is something almost magical about this...
2022-09-28 14:26:01

A question left unanswered as reply to sometimes

"Hold on a second, they showed up here because someone called the police to alert about a crime that either happened or is about to happen"

"Yeah, i wonder who could have been"

"I don't want to blame it on Camilla, but she's slightly deranged and, i forgot to tell you. This...
2022-09-27 21:35:51

Routine Check as reply to questions

In the meantime Fed was burning some stakes and eggs for lunch. The noise coming from the kitchen was suspect, but even more so the smoke that filled up the entire apartment.

The older officer, took a quick glance inside, leaning in and over Mark's shoulder, and on a rather suspicious...
2022-09-25 19:03:39

It all falls down as reply to do not let fred inside

Okay... it's one of those fucked up days, I thought, throwing the phone on the couch just to see it bounce and land flat on its screen on the tiled floor. Shit! that didn't sound good; I picked it up and saw the screen shattered. FUUUUUUCK! Fuccck!
It's okay; I have...
2022-09-21 17:28:08

The boiler stopped as reply to thrown into darkness

I prefer short cold showers in the morning, but this time, I felt like I needed to comfort myself after this terrible night. I couldn't stop thinking about the nightmare, and the fact that I couldn't remember a thing about it was profoundly unsettling. It felt as if I had...
2022-09-20 16:20:05


I woke up this morning at 4 AM gasping for air. I couldn't feel my arms, sweating with cold chills. I had a nightmare. The same as yesterday night, it seemed so real and heavier than ever before. I know it was the same, but I could not recall it....
2022-09-20 13:40:22

the general sentiment

I write this lines from the terrace of a supermarket near Slesisches Tor, Kreuzberg. Very lively area, people do shopping or go out or are just out for a stroll. Tonight I'm going to a light show called life after Bob. The venue is Amazing. It takes place in Berghain,...
2022-09-10 16:51:27

A thought about AI today

There is a visceral almost scary feeling that I have while interacting with AI. Not once I caught myself becoming self-aware and somewhat confused by the responses I got. I was not scared. It's a complex emotion triggered by multiple thoughts that flood my mind all at once. Some sadness...
2022-09-08 16:05:19