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nedzen last shared their writing Rob and Tim meet Layla
When the shooting stopped Layla got up from under the bar and looked around for George. She uttered a scream and immediately turned around to puke. He was resting in a puddle of blood, face down, his intestines blown out splashed all over the floor.

Everyone else in the bar seemed...
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Short Stories

Today reflections

I'm in an empty roomβ€”a large empty room where not much happens. I have any art on the walls, no library, no coffee table or couch. It's just a lot of space and a nice floor. In a corner, I keep my rolled yoga mat. Near the window is a...
2022-06-25 22:32:31


# I have COVID
Yesterday and as specially the night before I had fever and headache. Now i feel so much better. It messed up all my plans. Can't go to yoga, can't go to work. Fuck.

Saturday i was at a wedding. The day before on the day before.i was at...
2022-06-21 06:30:14

Another day

I was in the kitchen, eating a sandwich. My flatmate walks in, pulls a chair and sits next to me at the table. He grabs a toast and spreads some butter on it.

- Hey Alva, you good ?
- Yes, man. ah yea well I didn't went to work today, was...
2022-06-14 22:48:17

She wants me back

She sent me an email the other day like: hey been dreaming of you last night and you know I kinda miss you and yea hope you're still in love with me and you're not with some other chick.

And my answer was, yea you know I am with another chick...
2022-06-11 15:29:47

Woke up like

Yesterday I partied with a friend of mine, in her room. It was a private party ;) We started easy just chilling on the couch, she poured a glass of wine, I had a tea, we were chatting laughing joking. Nothing serious. Then, she began to prepare for this kink...
2022-06-04 19:01:30

Email is old

I am surprised email is still around and that it has not had a major overhaul as a service. I think Google could do a better job of filtering out unwanted email and mining email data. It does have a powerful search, but I rarely use it because the UI...
2022-06-03 16:57:50

Just another regular day in paradise.

Hello dear friends. Hope this day is going lovely for you all. I've just had lunch, with a nice carrot cake for dessert and an extraordinary coffee, a beautiful double espresso perfectly extracted. It's a sunny day today, but kinda cold actually. I'm still wearing my springtime jacket and it's...
2022-06-02 12:06:03


Here's a thought that just crossed my mind today while taking almost one hour to respond, in two rather short paragraphs to my ex girlfriend. I wrote a reply than erased everything and wrote it all over again, completely different from what I have initially wrote. Without getting too much...
2022-06-01 13:43:30

defining abstract concepts

This is a simple experiment of thought that i am challenging you to take: Describe in as many ways as possible terms that do not have a physical reprΓ©sentation. This terms don't find a correlation In the physical world. They represent dynamic processes of the mind

Take love for example, you'll...
2022-05-30 14:05:40

Poser un lapin 🐰

I'm trying to understand people who don't show up for meetings. I have this friend whom i know since many years and we were supposed to meet today. Well he didn't show up. I'm trying to understand why he didn't say yesterday night that he won't come. Anyway... I'll just...
2022-05-29 11:46:47