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I'm in an empty roomβ€”a large empty room where not much happens. I have any art on the walls, no library, no coffee table or couch. It's just a lot of space and a nice floor. In a corner, I keep my rolled yoga mat. Near the window is a...
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🍺 8 Beers
🍍 10 Pineapples
πŸͺ 9 Cookies
πŸ₯ƒ 13 Whiskeys
🍊 10 Tangerines
πŸ₯š 8 Eggs
πŸ“ 5 Strawberries
πŸ§‡ 8 Waffles
πŸ₯“ 6 Bacons
β˜•οΈ 12 Coffees
🍡 11 Teas
🍣 8 Sushis
πŸ₯Ÿ 6 Dumplings
🍫 6 Chocolate Bars
πŸ₯© 5 Steaks
Short Stories


A good book at the right time has the power to ignite your mind like an LSD trip. Even more so, because the effect comes without the substance. The story carries enough energy to unpack your beliefs and make you question everything, leaving you be in a liminal state, where...
2021-11-27 22:59:41


It's easy to love people when they are at their best; it's not so much so when they are in a place of darkness. I met with an old friend today. Someone I have known for over 30 years, we are neighbors, we were colleagues in school, and even further...
2021-11-20 18:06:54


Yesterday I saw an ad on Instagram for a virtual (AI) friend. I downloaded the app, filled up a few Infos about me, and started chatting with it. A cool-looking 3D woman that I could personalize the way I fancied, staring me straight in the eyes while being super expressive...
2021-11-19 15:54:15

handling hell

The most important thing to do when traversing difficult situations of any kind, be it emotional, financial, or health-related, the best thing to do is to seek peace by all means. A positive mental attitude is required to get through.
The attitude of the mind makes it possible to affect your...
2021-11-16 13:54:14


Naturally, we prefer simple things over complex ones. If, for example, I hand you an umbrella and I tell you it has five different opening mechanisms for closing and five others for opening, you would say cool, but I'd rather have a normal one. It's an object with a single...
2021-11-14 19:28:49


I have been keeping myself busy lately working on commercial projects. I was designing interfaces because it is my job. I am a UI/UX designer. The part that I like the most is solving problems, making products easier to use. I like to think that by doing so, I'm saving...
2021-11-13 14:20:07


My ideas are somewhere lost in an ethereal space. Nothing much to write about today, I've been doing design systems, the kind of meticulos work that other interface designers don't do. For me UI kits never worked. I can't get myself to use something that is not made by me....
2021-11-08 19:12:41

Small city life

There's a post-apocalyptic vibe in this city. After 9 PM, the streets are empty. Curfew, everything closed, and they've made it obligatory now to wear masks on the street. It doesn't make any sense. This country's government is inept to a degree where it is hurting all of us. I...
2021-11-07 14:57:12


There are two types of players. Those who play to win and those who play to keep playing. Each game has it's own set of operating principles comprised of a set of rules, instructions and incentives. This is a general characteristic of games. Depending on the type of game you...
2021-11-05 22:50:09

Short update

The people who really matter are just a few. When you have one less, it hurts. I broke up with my girlfriend, at least for now. We might get back together or we may never will. It's like that. If onyl I could change something, I would but it's too...
2021-11-04 20:55:42