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nedzen last shared their writing Rob and Tim meet Layla
When the shooting stopped Layla got up from under the bar and looked around for George. She uttered a scream and immediately turned around to puke. He was resting in a puddle of blood, face down, his intestines blown out splashed all over the floor.

Everyone else in the bar seemed...
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Short Stories

Not a question anymore

Why ...

I often wondered why but having had no answer concluded that it's better to not know. The question short as a bullet is forever moving further and further into the vastness of space. It will eventually fall down in the ocean, where it will stay for eternity.

In the morning,...
2022-04-10 15:48:10

The great reveal as reply to savior?

- TOM! (Silence ...) Tom, I'm sorry.
 With a faint voice, he replied...

- KILL, kill this thing, I kill it. !!!
- No, TOM, listen, it won't hurt you. You must lock the door and windows now. I'll get there in 5 to collect him.

- WHATT ??! no, no, this can't be!...
2022-04-06 13:05:10

Allie as reply to Angry neighbor

The moment he stepped into the apartment, shit broke loose. The thing that went out of Tom's rectum a few moments before jumped at his neighbor's neck and started chewing at his carotid. The thing was nothing like a tapeworm; it was a fully developed alien baby, about 70cm long...
2022-04-01 14:36:43

Jack - the tapeworm as reply to tapeworm

One night, sweating profusely, he went to bed early and took a handful of painkillers. He had lost so much weight in the past six months that he could barely recognize himself in the mirror. The tapeworm took a toll on him. He sank into the deep numbness of the...
2022-03-29 18:14:32

a twisted turn of events as reply to Calories

An overthinking brain consumes two times more calories than one that is relaxed and in control. The moment he got that he fired his metabolic consultant. Looking at himself in the mirror he felt ridiculous and started laughing. I look like hulk, maybe i should grow a beard, change my...
2022-03-25 14:55:59

The unscratchable itch

You know what I'm talking about, I'm sure you do. This sensation in your brain 🧠 where you want something, but you're unsure, where you feel like you've forgotten something, or when you're waiting. These marvelous brains of ours, what do they do? Start searching for things to do, scroll...
2022-03-25 14:03:49

Hello, I'm back

I arrived in Marseille yesterday evening after a long car-share ride from Burgundy to Montpellier, where i took a train about 1h, to here. I'm in the apartment of a friend of mine, he's gone on vacation for a week and he left me the keys. That's super lovely of...
2022-03-21 17:22:42

Flying to Paris

The airport is packed. I've never seen so many people, where are they going? Ukrainians transiting Romania, many foreigners, and my dear Romanian compatriots. I used to take the same flight, and It's never been so crowded. Since yesterday they lifted all COVID restrictions. Almost nobody wears masks anymore. I...
2022-03-09 04:02:54

Never home

# I'm never home.
My last day in Romania, spent a short week here in between travels and I'm so looking forward to leaving. The war in Ukraine feels so much closer here. I hope it won't escalate, if it does Romania is fucked. I've stopped reading the news, I'm just...
2022-03-08 10:52:23


I am in Berlin since Monday. I came here because i needed a change of air. An air less polluted and more inspiring. I have a routine now, my day starts at 5:30 with a cup of tea and preparing my lunch for the day. I put everything in my...
2022-02-03 20:58:56