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Carl waited at the cafe alone for about 20 minutes. Nervous.

He had a lot to tell his supervisor. He had researched at theΒ  Westcity publicΒ  library all weekend. Old newspapers. And now he had a thesis. But then ten minutes past. His coffee cup was empty. He wanted another, but...
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I've noticed that founders can take one of two approaches when serving their customers. They can either remove beartraps or provide superhero-capes. This post explores beartraps.

Beartraps are obstacles preventing someone from taking a swing. For example it used to be difficult to deploy an ecommerce storefront. In the 90s and...
2020-12-23 20:22:39

One person doing it alone

Haven't read any novels the past two weeks. Not sure why, but if forced to give a reason I'd say it's because my mind has been craving content related to programming and business.

While scrolling through Twitter the other day while telling myself I was learning programming and business, I...
2020-12-22 17:04:54

Documenting Adagia
ProtoIdea for social-streaks

I've always found the social component of 200WAD as its main driver of consistency. Baz even wrote some extra features for therealbrandonwilson 's TeamStreak, which included writers who had a minimum of 30 days on their current writing streak. But 200WAD's streak was...
2020-12-21 15:42:22

Treating the calendars and clocks as they were time itself

We are impermeant yet have infinite ambition. This makes us obsess over our representations of time. A clock on the wall. The time on your smart phone or laptop. A calendar telling you that it's been ten years since XXYYZZ event. 

I think through this dance between our experienced realities and...
2020-12-20 22:03:10

Lazy Reading

Just like my favorite snacks, I love reading Twitter. I'm not like therealbrandonwilson , I actually enjoy visiting -- I have to admit maybe like five or even ten times a day?? -- and just scrolling through. Luckily, my feed isn't too unhealthy....
2020-12-17 18:06:27

200 Words a Day
Different Reasons for Streaking -- featuring Jerry Seinfeld

The other day I listened to Jerry Seinfeld on Tim Ferriss.

Internet Makers often refer to Seinfeld is often as an advocate for consistent practice. Just go search don't break the chain and see how much content shows up. So when he started talking about consistency I didn't expect to be...
2020-12-16 20:24:24

Over Seven Billion Bellies

I've long thought that the best business to own as a crime lord is a high quality restaurant. Not the gaudy kind that attracts the upper echelon for prestige reasons, but a family oriented one with traditional and experimental recipes to tie generations together.

Primary benefit with this setup is that...
2020-12-16 00:09:24

200 Words a Day
How I found 200WAD

I'm grateful that 200WAD is closing in the winter. If it were warm and sunny I would feel less sentimental. This is because this cold, this snow, and these early nights take me back to my feelings at the close of 2018, which had been for me a bad year.

2020-12-14 17:43:00

200 Words a Day
My Feelings when Viewing my Earliest Posts

I'm planning to write a script to let 200WAD writers import their old posts onto here. I think it would make for a good portal to nostalgia for us old timers. To get a hit of this nostalgia myself, I went over there to read some of my earliest posts...
2020-12-13 23:29:54

Writing Consistently, in whatever Form, Leaks Everywhere.

You don't have to be writing a novel or formal essays to improve your writing. Writing every day about whichever topics you like is enough to exercise the writing muscle.

Now here's one thing Brandon,
2020-12-12 19:50:38