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In a jar he kept the hair. It belonged to Jesse. When they lived together they did this thing. Where they would grow aΒ  hair baby together. When they were younger they were less wise and let hair clog up the shower drain. But they've been using a drain guard...
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warm as reply to Soup

He went to pay for his discounted meal but was surprised. On the house, the owner said, his eyes closed, head down in a slight bow. He had even had a Vietnamese coffee after his meal. Why were they not making him pay.

"Please, let me pay."

"No it is okay. You...
2022-09-18 03:59:05

andrew the newspaper delivery man as reply to The Rain

The best part about being a newspaper delivery man was that Andrew got to people watch . You saw all kinds of people on this job. Not that all kinds of people read the newspaper. Only a fringe of the population now touched, let alone read the newspaper. But the...
2022-09-17 02:53:44

friend as reply to Strange

"God Dammit!" Sardinsky yelled, while letting go of the collar of the kid in front of him who was a foot shorter. 80 pounds lighter. Or at least that kid had been those things. Now he... or it, was just a corpse. Sardinsky looked down at his white polo. It...
2022-09-16 00:28:28

equality as reply to #fake

The next day everybody was a little bit less glued to their phone. They were discussing what The Blue Man had recently done. It was the first time a social media influencer was able to murder somebody on camera and not go to prison for it. Well not yet. Who...
2022-09-14 21:56:04

for the likes as reply to The blue man

"Why aren't you doing the moves?"

It was a ethnically ambiguous slightly overweight girl with smooth skin in the seat behind him.

"Why aren't you doing the moves? Like everybody else." she asked again.

"I didn't know I wasn't doing them," he said."

"You aren't." she pointed at his hands. "See."

He looked down. He...
2022-09-14 02:59:59

tragic as reply to Untethered

One of the young kids with long hair at the table full of young kids with long hair loudly asked, "have you seen the blue man in real life?"

"Nobody's seen him in real life," another kid groaned. Then the kid who had asked the original question groaned. He realized the...
2022-09-13 03:10:39

wishing he was dead as reply to Passing Time

He knew that staring at his phone looking for more interesting content wasn't a good use of time. But he had nothing better to do. He had decided that life was not worth living. Not that he wasΒ  suicidal or anything. But just that there was no point in living....
2022-09-12 03:21:11

a dumb man

He was a dumb kid. That's what everyone said. Rocks for brains. And they were probably right. He'd given up on school by the time he was ten years old when hisΒ  report card started coming home with Ds and Cs rather than just Cs.

Not all of them, but several...
2022-09-10 23:25:00

a smart man

He had good grades in college. Wasn't just one of thoseΒ  book smart kids, but actually had a decent head. Decent, but not great. He knew he wasn't the type to be able to start his own business and get rich. So he graduated and got a job.

At his job...
2022-09-10 03:45:41


There was a ruckus on the internet . In the year 2020 .

Everybody was getting rich. All they had to do was pour money into stocks andΒ  crypto . They even had apps for it to make it easier.

Than it finally happened. People weren't getting rich anymore. The plan to...
2022-09-09 03:09:33