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Carl waited at the cafe alone for about 20 minutes. Nervous.

He had a lot to tell his supervisor. He had researched at theΒ  Westcity publicΒ  library all weekend. Old newspapers. And now he had a thesis. But then ten minutes past. His coffee cup was empty. He wanted another, but...
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ice cream sandwich as reply to The color Blue

All he wanted was an ice cream sandwich . He was willing to kill for it. It didn't matter who. His mother. A random, innocent stranger. He'd strangle them or shove a knife into them for a cold ice cream sandwich. He even would've been open to killing himself so...
2022-10-11 02:31:48

masala chai as reply to Tim

Patricia stormed through the hall holding a paper cup. Four minutes remained until the scheduled time. Usually she arrived at least 10 minutes before. Anything less made her nervous. But she had walked this hall a thousand times now. Enough times to not feel a gram of sweat while making...
2022-10-10 02:51:53

a wild ride as reply to Therapy is a sham.

Turned out that The British Singer's therapist was actually the same Argentinian therapist Fed used. Hilariously, it turned out that I was not living in Berlin and instead was living in Argentina this entire time. I was that therapist. "But what about all the nights we hung out?" I asked...
2022-10-09 02:43:47

The Blue Man returns

The Blue Man returned out of nowhere. People had long forgotten about him. Dozens of dozens of other influencers had replaced him since. And people were unhappy but willing to consume the content they produced. Because there just wasn't anything better to do in life.

Sometimes people might shoot up someΒ ...
2022-10-08 02:17:27

medical mile

I hadn't seen him in months. Used to hang out each weekend at the least. Was excited to hearΒ  he had moved over by The Medical Mile. Where the fancy, new buildings were. I'd heard good things about it. How it was going to boostΒ  Westcity 's economy, bring new...
2022-10-07 03:37:30

straightforward plan to becoming a multi millionaire

It's quite straight forward to become a multi millionaire . All you need to do is be committed to some craft that pays well and give up your social life and otherΒ  hobbies . Of course you can become a multi millionaire without doing all that, but if you really...
2022-10-06 02:22:49


It wasΒ  Sunday afternoon. He was 30. And felt loneliness for the first time. This was the first time when nobody needed him. Nobody was looking for him. He could die and there would be no meaningful impact.

He had been at theΒ  cafe . None of the usual crowd were...
2022-10-05 02:17:08

waste city

George Bannister had read recently that the U.S. consumed roughly 18 million barrels of oil daily. He had been surprised that he didn't even know how many gallons of oil a barrel amounted to. He had simply gone his 40 odd something years accepting the barrel as a unit of...
2022-10-04 00:33:46


It happened quick. He never saw it coming. Never saw it happen even. In the movies you got to see how people mourned you. How yourΒ  death brought people together even for just a weekend.

But in real life you just died. Went into the darkness. No way to see or...
2022-10-01 02:05:46


They say Writing is a response to reading . That dancing or composing is response to music .

But what about a runner ? Does someone run in response to watching another run a marathon?

I think that answer is obvious. My friends have asked me, why do I run. Strange that...
2022-09-30 01:03:37