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In a jar he kept the hair. It belonged to Jesse. When they lived together they did this thing. Where they would grow aΒ  hair baby together. When they were younger they were less wise and let hair clog up the shower drain. But they've been using a drain guard...
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He went out for a smoke. Outside were three people. Two of them already smoking. One asked if he could bum aΒ  cigarette . He shrugged and said why not and gave him one. And then he asked for a light. Jeesh, he thought. Enough to bum a cig but...
2022-09-25 00:32:08

unexplainable as reply to Something

People couldn't stop talking about theΒ  rain . They couldn't remember the last time it had rained this much. Not that it had rained everyday. But that it had rained every week. Was it ever like that before? Rain at least once a week? Hop Tsing thought about this as...
2022-09-23 22:20:36

fire as reply to Another one Bites the Dust

Two years had passed since theΒ  school shooting . That event changed her whole life. She and her gang of friends had been the most popular kids in school. Seniors enjoying their high social positions. Slated to do great things. Graduate with high honors and attend great universities afterwards.

She had...
2022-09-22 13:17:18

questions as reply to It all falls down

"Should I knock again?"

The more senior officer nodded.

Three light, albeit harder than before, taps. The senior got annoyed and pushed the junior aside and pounded his fist against the door six times. Then he pressed his right ear against the door.

"There, I hear someone inside," he said. The junior officer...
2022-09-22 12:50:09

do not let fred inside as reply to The boiler stopped

There wasn't much time left. Soon something would irreversible would happen.

Uneven, deep breaths passed through her. Camilla was looking for his phone number. She had to reach him now. Before Fred arrived at his place. When Fred had left she had seen him concealing his left hand in his jacket....
2022-09-21 13:22:42

something's off as reply to Leaves

Lacy stared out the window thinking about what bugged her the most. Soon the kettle would sing and she could make her tea. But until then she was stuck with her thoughts.

Things were strange between Lacy and her boyfriend. He'd been acting strange since he'd gotten out of the coma...
2022-09-21 03:21:49

thrown into darkness as reply to Nightmares

Waking at 4AM involuntarily can be nice sometimes. Get an unexpected early start to the day. Or have a few peaceful thoughts while laying there, then return to slumber. But when you awake soaked in sweat , gasping for breath, it's like you were thrown into an existence you never...
2022-09-20 13:47:34


Entering the hackathon was exciting in itself. Andrew Cook sat toggling between two browser tabs. One his email where he re-read the welcome email . The other the event website . An hour passed with him toggling these two tabs. He was seated at a table in his favorite cafe...
2022-09-20 13:40:37

just like the first time as reply to Different

He began visiting the Vietnamese restaurant regularly. They had good pho ,Β  spring rolls , and skewered meats. The owner, when he'd given the kid his first meal for free had known what he was doing. Knew the kid would be return. Spend all his discretionary money on the satisfying,...
2022-09-20 02:56:33

denver as reply to Air

His views dropped fast. He went from being the #1 watched TikTok influencer to being homeless in two weeks. The man in the nice suit who had been with him through his stardom abandoned him the moment any association with The Blue Man became inconvenient. The man with the nice...
2022-09-19 02:05:15