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Normal people didn't know what the inside of a bar looked like in daylight.Β  sun pouring through. Painting the floors and walls. Revealing dust floating in the air. You never noticed dust in theΒ  dark . It was bright. And Quiet.

Darkness hid much.

With sound it was different Noise could...
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casey as reply to Morale

After Jimmy passed out Dick opened his laptop and checkedΒ  Facebook . Alice had posted photos from the ski resort.

There were also photos posted by Casey. He was at some show tonight. Posing with the band. He was "in" over there inΒ  Westcity . The respected musicians and venue managers...
2023-07-19 03:56:27

sis as reply to Worse

She struggled to be a good sister. She forced herself to send at least one text every two days. To be there for him.

"You're not trying to be there for him. You just want him to think that you're a good sis."

Her boyfriend, or whatever he actually was, could see...
2023-07-19 03:48:30

peter as reply to I got you

There was nothing to do out in the country. If you had a car then you could drive around on the weekends. If you were really bored you could get drunk then drive.

His first time driving drunk in the country was thrilling. Peter had ripped down M-49 going 75 mph...
2023-07-16 23:59:16

fun as reply to I got you

Back at home the hunger came. Maybe not hunger. When Dick thought about it his belly was still full. Instead his mouth was craving something. Something sweet, sour, and crispy. Like Chinese food. They had just feasted an hour earlier and here he was: craving something new. He wondered whether...
2023-07-16 23:32:43

feast for two as reply to Some Coffee

Jimmy took a sip of theΒ  coffee with his yes closed. Mid grade. Decent. not good. Not bad.

He kept his eyes closed and took another long sip. Then he opened them and saw the branding on it. It was his favorite cafe. Suddenly the coffee tasted better.

"you got any plans...
2023-07-16 04:35:58

jimmy the man as reply to The lighter

The weekend came and Jimmy threw one of the biggest parties Dick had been to. Jimmy didn't even live in town. He would make friends with anybody who would visit Dick during the week and tell them they should come over to chill this weekend.

Come Saturday people came peeking in....
2023-07-15 03:45:37

dick and jimmy as reply to Tall Boys

He was hungover. But it was a good day. The project had been completed and turned in on time. This meant he didn't need to worry about deadline s for another month. Finals week. That would be hell. But didn't need to worry about that now. The rest of this...
2023-07-14 03:45:43

pee as reply to Fake Lemons

As theΒ  urine flowed, the lemon smell was replaced by the smell of coffee. His piss smelled like black caffeine. Of course he knew coffee and caffeine weren't one in the same. But given that his only source of caffeine was from coffee, in his head, caffeine smelled like coffee.

2023-07-13 04:20:29

no burrito as reply to Walked

He could hear his mom's voice in his head. She would've wanted him to pick the burrito. He hadn't eaten since lunch. His brain wouldn't be able to think without food. Bur right now he needed to do everything possible to stay awake.

Funny that he had stayed up this late...
2023-07-12 04:45:33

best things in life are free as reply to Free

In fact, when Dick thought about it. All his favorite things in life were free. His favorite tool. His favorite memories. And now here he was. Sitting in the study lounge thinking about how if only he had money he would be so happy. Why would things be different this...
2023-07-11 04:07:29