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Normal people didn't know what the inside of a bar looked like in daylight.Β  sun pouring through. Painting the floors and walls. Revealing dust floating in the air. You never noticed dust in theΒ  dark . It was bright. And Quiet.

Darkness hid much.

With sound it was different Noise could...
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Doug 7 - Doug's Semen as reply to Doug 6

There was no note. AΒ  mom wouldn't lie about that. She had no reason to. Doug thought this on a loop for five minutes until he finally moved on to: but what if she's lying?

In what circumstance would Charlie's mom conceal the fact that there was a note. When the...
2023-08-05 02:25:10

trade numbers as reply to Storm Out

"Man what the fuck were you doing out there. Don't you know there's a storm?"

Keith thought, that's exactly why I'm out. Preparing of course. But could sense Max viewed the storm differently.

"I got unlucky. Was out taking care of errands. Storm happened while I was at the store."

Keith was thinking...
2023-08-05 02:11:18

Doug 5 as reply to Doug 4

In a perfect world Doug would've gotten bored. Reflected on things. Maybe while looking out the window and enjoying that first cup of coffee watching the birds. Suddenly he would've remembered how his old coworker always talked about them damn birds. This would've made him miss the poor schmuck. He...
2023-08-04 03:06:57

keith prepares as reply to In Bed

When he noticed the power was out, the first thing he did was locate the flashlight and the lantern . Both battery powered. Then he checked how much battery his phone had. 83 percent. Not bad. He turned it on low power mode. Reduced the brightness. Made sure the internet...
2023-08-04 02:42:20

lights out as reply to Magic

He took one puff of the magic. Then another. Max immediately craved a third. Could something be called magical if its powers waned this quick?

His lips wrapped over theΒ  vape . Then all he could see was the purple glow. The room had gone black. Suddenly it was very quiet....
2023-08-03 02:01:22

DOUG 3 as reply to Doug: Chapter 2

It wasn't Godot's number. It was a name. Someone from his old office he wasn't close enough to in order to memorize the number like he had with Godot. One thing he didn't do was pick up the phone unless he had gotten his daily call with Godot in. So...
2023-08-03 01:24:09

DOUG as reply to Bounce

Doug managed four paragraphs. He re-read them twice. Decided to change things around for ten minutes. After, he thought he knew what he really wanted to say. Wrote it down. But now there was only one paragraph. He reread that. Decided it was garbage and closed the browser tab.

He then...
2023-08-02 02:08:33

the right person as reply to It would last longer

Keith called that man The Blue Man. Not because he was blue. Or because he was the actual blue man. But because his house was blue. There were many blue houses in the world. What made this blue house memorable to Keith was that his garden was so immaculate. Small,...
2023-08-02 02:01:23

pbr and jim beam as reply to All alone

In the alley of a no name city. No where you could get a direct flight to from a major city. There was a smell. In the heat of summer, it permeated quick and far. Someone reported it. The police arrived within an hour.

A tall blonde woman covered her nose....
2023-08-01 03:33:03

keith needs food as reply to Nothing

He foundΒ  Georgio's on the way to where he thought Max's was. He didn't want to get pulled over by the cops. So drove into the parking lot. He could hit the diner for breakfast the following day.

Right now he needed some meat, cheese, and bread to soak up the...
2023-07-31 03:21:45