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When he saw the photo of the Un-Named man he felt a deep fear. The kind of feeling you only had once you were aΒ  father . Because you didn't fear for things like that yourself. You only feared it for your loved ones. TheΒ  vulnerable people that you would...
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Untitled Shared at May 28, 2022

I believe I've written about a mere 100 lines of code at work in the past four months.

But it's been some of the busiest months of my life. What have I been doing then, if I am aΒ  developer after all, at work if not writing code?

Analysis. Coordination. I've felt...
2022-05-28 03:13:54

PO Box 915
strangers as reply to Thieves and lowlifes

He wondered who would be at the cafe as he drove there. He likely would not have come, if it weren't for Hazel. Not that he was meeting up with her there. That would be creepy. He was no longer in high school or college. He was no longer even...
2022-05-27 02:33:40

Fiction Snippets
Bad guys + Hawaii Sweetheart

He grew up on stories with a good guy and bad guy . When his friend raved of a new movie they'd seen, he'd always ask, "what's the good guy like?"

Darth Vader and theΒ  green power ranger were the first bad guys that he liked. He looked up to...
2022-05-26 02:42:45

Hawaii - I as reply to Hawaii

The sky was blue and the breeze perfect. It felt like he was on the coast of Hawaii . Such weather made him wonder whether he ought to go on this trip at all.

But the path was already set. He had purchased new sunglasses and a six pack of Hawaiian...
2022-05-24 18:46:06

Fiction Snippets
Comics and Stakeout

I could finally understand why he had wanted to write aΒ  graphic novel back inΒ  college . They were like aΒ  Netflix show, but on paper. I thought of him while flipping through the pages, feeling the sheets against my fingers.


"I can feel what you said."

"That must mean it was...
2022-05-24 02:17:25

PO Box 915
more juice as reply to Apple Juice

"PT!" Zach shouted in glee as PT arrived in the lobby sipping theΒ  apple juice . He still didn't think of it as his apple juice, but rather that lady's who was staying upstairs.

"Hey aren't you forgetting something?" Zach asked.

PT made a face to signal that he didn't know what...
2022-05-22 23:11:40

Abe's Blog

A barrel ofΒ  oil apparently consists of 42 gallons of crude oil. Refineries then yield that into about 20 gallons ofΒ  gaosline . Of that my Hyundai has consumed about 5200 gallons going by the mileage, my driving patterns, and fuel efficiency.

That means this car, at my and my family's...
2022-05-22 03:17:34

Flash Fiction Practice
Untitled Shared at May 21, 2022

He left the room in a hurry. With each step he wished he had stayed. But it was too late now. Leaving had made a statement, a statement that would become meaningless the moment he returned. So he kept storming along.

Once he was far enough from the room his steps...
2022-05-21 03:28:12

Flash Fiction Practice

Sullivan was part of the founding team. Or actually part of the team that was contracted to build the product. The pay wasn't bad and he was learning a lot of cool things. Everybody told him that he should be working on his own product, but he liked working on...
2022-05-20 03:08:17

Flash Fiction Practice
May 17 + 2 as reply to May 17 + 1

She was from Ghana while his family was from Ethiopia . Because she moved here when she was nine they joked that she was more African than him.

When they had first began dating he had just gotten out of the Air Force and returned fromΒ  Germany . The two of...
2022-05-19 02:05:38