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The Wedding. 

Church and Reception. 

Church service started by 10am, ended by 2pm. Traditional Church. Some said we should be grateful it didn’t end by 4. 

Drove to the venue of the reception. 

Lots of old faces. Lots of friends. Lots of pictures. 

Lots of tiredness too. 

I just want...
Seun's Pantry
🥟 15 Dumplings
🍣 9 Sushis
🧇 12 Waffles
🥚 21 Eggs
🥩 13 Steaks
🍫 15 Chocolate Bars
🍺 15 Beers
🍍 18 Pineapples
🥃 12 Whiskeys
☕️ 11 Coffees
🍊 15 Tangerines
🍪 14 Cookies
🍵 25 Teas
🥓 13 Bacons
🍓 17 Strawberries

Writing about... Nigeria

abrahamKim says he would love to see me write more about Nigeria.

Writing about a failed friend can be hard. Writing about a failed parent can be harder. Writing about a failed and failing country can be soul-crushing.

That's why I find it hard to...
2020-12-17 22:46:42

Random thoughts on Authority

Random thoughts on Authority- A man's words written or spoken is as weighty as is presence. That is, the American president doesn't have to be physically present for his authority to stand.- Thus, building on the above, proximity is kind of inconsequential in matters of authority.- Physical look is irrelevant...
2020-12-16 19:36:08


The morally right doesn't always win. The morally wrong don't always lose also. What wins is conviction.

Conviction is blind. It has no morals. It's clueless maybe it's driver is a fool or knowledgeable; has good intentions or bad intentions. 

This can be disturbing because we often feel, what's right and just...
2020-12-15 09:19:24


Firstly, I don't know if I should thankful for Abe, who followed me up to ensure I started writing. Or I should be angry. LOL

But I was going to come back writing. LOL

2020 has been a year.  A very unusual one. And just when the year was about to end...
2020-12-14 21:29:19