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You get to a certain age and it’s either of two things. 

1) Only old songs are worth listening to. 

2) Old songs are great and you should never stop listening, however you should try and enjoy new songs too. 
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I have always worked on legacy codebases in the two places I've worked. Been out of a job, I've had the luxury of working with new tech stacks.

InertiaJs stack of Laravel and VueJS has brought back the joy of coding. The simplicity and yet the power it gives is amazing....
2021-02-03 21:21:26

Kids and Adults

I've seen kids who act like adults, and I've seen adults who act like kids. I try to know what distinguishes? What traits do we observe is present or lacking? What really separate men from the boys?

1) Patience
Teenagers and impatience are like five and six. Nothing botches a great plan...
2021-01-16 21:39:19

Only Intrinsic Motivation Lasts

Daniel Vassallo left his $500k Amazon job to work for himself, then he wrote the article "Only Intrinsic Motivation Lasts".

That article is one of my favourite on the internet.

The lesson of the article now stares at me daily on this platform. Yes and it's
2021-01-15 20:32:04

Online Recommendations

If we achieve full online privacy, won't online recommendations suffer? That is, we may not get accurate recommendations of things to buy or friends to connect with.

Come to think of it, do we really need tech to suggest things to buy and new friends to make? To be honest, I...
2021-01-14 08:16:36

Parler, Big Tech, Free Speech and Some Questions

Ok, I've had this in my drafts for a day or two now. But since no one's talking about the issues in recent weeks I guess it should remain in the drafts.

Then, GabrielGreco belled the cat.

The following are questions that have popped in...
2021-01-13 17:29:59


Growing up, TV was a huge medium of entertainment. There was nothing else. Sights of kids watching a neighbours TV from the window were commonplace. Way back, TV stations don't start broadcast until 4 pm and close for the day by midnight. On weekends broadcast started by midday thereabouts. The...
2021-01-12 22:33:35

The Greatest Privilege Of Them All, Or Something Like That

I've always known if a guy and a lady are on the road hoping for a ride, there's a high chance the lady would get a ride first. I had no data for this, but I've seen it happen randomly. When we're doing our first-year first-semester university registrations, the ladies...
2021-01-11 13:32:34


I've heard folks say Highschool days were the most fun. Yeah, I say the same too. Secondary school had stupid and really crazy activities, it was all fun those days. Everything was either a joke or banter. Our reunion WhatsApp group proves this.

But most of my meaningful friends were forged...
2021-01-10 15:52:38

In a world where you can be anything, be kind

"In a world where you can be anything, be kind" -  Jennifer Dukes Lee

The above quote gets better each passing day.

In a world of almost endless possibilities, where almost anything is possible. One must be deliberate about being kind.

In a world where access to information has been democratised....
2021-01-03 22:48:48

Re: Corruption

keni wrote about corruption. I cleared off what I'd typed three times when I was trying to comment on the post. There was just too much to write.

Corruption is complex. It's way more complex in developing nations. In such a society, corruption is...
2021-01-02 22:40:00