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Today I met a group of people in a zoom meeting. We meet on the first Saturday of the month. We talk about many different topics because we all connected through an online course. 

Today the meeting lasted for 3 hours. The time flew. I usually try to end the...
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When I was a kid, I used to be a fanatic about justice and fairness. Now I see the same passion from my nephew and niece. "It is not FAIR"...they would say. Especially when things were clearly not right. I now believe that if most people do not experience unfair...
2021-01-22 02:53:50


I had so many thoughts and emotions during the day today. So many things happened and I was glued to the TV almost all day.

The one thing that I hadn't expected was the poem by someone that looked like a teenager to me. Amanda Gorman. She was so powerful....
2021-01-21 00:04:37


I am not a very tech gadget/gaming type of person. At all. 
Back when I was a kid, I would have 1 or maximum 2 games that I loved - and that was all I wanted to play - if I wanted to play. Something about gaming didn't do it for...
2021-01-19 18:41:48

What do people want?

The week started well and I feel energetic. I was mildly curious about what types of business are profitable in 2021 with a 1 person team. This is a result of watching so many back to back episodes of Shark Tank but I feel the need to engage in making...
2021-01-18 23:19:12


The OURA ring tells me my body temperature and resting heart rate has been going up the last few days. Asks me if I am feeling ok.

Then I start to feel sore throat....especially towards the evening time. 

Then I start to feel tired and slight headache.

And the only thing I can...
2021-01-17 22:27:05


I have had a Fitbit device for nearly a decade now. I am very attracted to bi0-hacking/health promoting type of devices and when I saw the types of data a Fitbit could provide, I was sold. And this week, I got an email from the CEO announcing their acquisition by...
2021-01-16 22:41:42


Today I needed to write a private post. 
There are things that happen once in a while that needs a post of its own but it doesn't need to be public. 

Venting can help even if no one is listening. 
Today was one of those days. 

My disappointment and distrust of corporate America has...
2021-01-15 19:20:15


Someone asked this question in a FB group that I follow.

What is a rare combination of two skills that when combined make someone unstoppable?

I love the question but I found it hard to answer. It took me a long time but eventually, it came down to these four skills:

2021-01-13 20:32:30

Shark Tank

I am watching back to back episodes of shark tank the last few days. 
It is a nice show to get ideas and to learn how to do things in business. 

I wonder if I have the ability to stay calm and deliver a pitch if I had a product where I...
2021-01-13 02:37:02