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Hipsters talk more than Boomers these days.

Abraham Kim last shared their writing small talk can only get you so far
What the hell are you apologizing for?

Will took a breath then told the gas station clerk, you're right. I didn't do anything wrong.

Exactly! The world is always trying to put all the blame on the little guys. Like I can guarantee you that my boss and his boss is going...
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51329 as reply to Hello World

When I saw that I was still logged in, I felt a bit warm. I know it was programmed to remember be, but it still felt like being welcomed into an old haunt. I also felt warm to the fact that nothing had changed. The layout was still the old...
2022-10-24 01:58:09


I hadn't seen Imo in years. She told me she was in town for a conference nearby, but I was pretty sure she had signed up for the conference only because it was in my town.

We had been best friends. Even after we were no longer that, we had held...
2022-10-23 03:31:17

driving back after dropping of Ana as reply to Chapter 2

The evening sun is deceptive. It feels like it might stay forever only to exit abruptly.

On our way to the airport I was squinting, trying not to be blinded. After seeing Ana off at the passenger drop-off, I drove home under violet swirls, the kind that makes you think God...
2022-10-22 02:37:24

o2 as reply to Notes from a wanderer

I kept my eyes open. Staring through the water. The first reaction to getting sunk in water is usually to close the eyes. If you refrain from doing so you'll see how calm it is under there. Maybe it's also the ear plugging effect theΒ  water has.

The calm allured me....
2022-10-21 02:29:32

Abe's Blog
the cafe is no more

I walk with my girlfriend to the class she teaches every Tuesday and Thursday. It's a lovely walk acrossΒ  campus that has protected forests and beautiful architecture. We walk together up to where her class is, and then I walk back home alone. In the past I would always be...
2022-10-20 01:46:18

a lecture as reply to November Blue

"It's fascinating," the man with glasses sipped his coffee then took a long breath before continuing, "that we as a society have gotten so hung up about this one fact. Did he in fact kill that girl?"

The students waited. Usually this classroom was filled with kids watching TikTok or falling...
2022-10-19 03:03:50

Mr. Friday goes to jail as reply to Mr. Friday

Mr. Friday lived for two things. To drink. And to fuck. And if anyone got in the way of either he was willing to throw hands. Funny enough, he wasn't good at fighting, but always willing. Whenever he lost, the barkeep forced him to pay a fine. "Why do you...
2022-10-18 01:06:52

broken down in kansas as reply to Drive

It wasn't until Kansas that theΒ  van finally broke down. It was only a matter of time. You can expect a later model Toyota or even a Hyundai to go all the way to the Pacific and back. Damn those Asians could really make cars couldn't they? But with these...
2022-10-17 16:04:44

shit as reply to 6 rhythms

He shaved twice a day. Hated the blue shadow that cast itself on his cheeks, jawline, and chin a few hours after shaving. The look of stubble disgusted him. There was a time when all men who could, shaved. But that was a different time. Nowadays people walked around with...
2022-10-15 02:35:45

someday as reply to BPSL

"I can't come in today."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm feeling... unwell."

The man in the expensive suit hung up. No breath would be wasted on pointless chatter. If his main influencer was taking aΒ  sick day then his entire day was awash.

In the past there was reasoning with Blue.Β  promises of a...
2022-10-13 13:02:29