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She regretted coming back before new year. She could've stayed inΒ  Chicago . The people at the house wanted her there. Liked the way she made coffee. Thought she was respectful enough. Plus she played guitar better than the bozo who was supposed to be the best player in the...
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larry as reply to Say a Word

The windows were frosted. The cold came out of nowhere. Larry liked frosted glass. Not fog. The two had a similar opacifying effect, but the latter felt unhygenic while the former felt quaint.

Larry thought decades past when people would sit and talk for hours after eating their food. Laughter and...
2024-01-24 04:10:07

in the morning as reply to Interesting

When Alan awoke he could tell by the sound and air that he was alone. His mom was probably at her dance class. But Jack? He had no clue. Alan didn't think Jack would leave without saying goodbye. thus Alan could only assume that Jack went outside for a walk...
2024-01-23 03:38:30

free spirit as reply to But a Lighter

They smoked outside rather than in the car. It was warmer than winters of the past. In high school they smoked huddled in the car. Now they were wearing decently thin coats, given that it was December.

Jack didn't say anything. Made sounds like 'shit'. but no substance.

Alan nodded. There was...
2024-01-22 04:55:56

let's as reply to The Music

The party ended at 11. Aaron was hungry and wanted to get more drunk. He wondered what was open at this time. Imogen laughed. Said nothing. What? Aaron was amazed.

"You've been in New York too long it seems," Jack snickered.Β 

"Right right." Aaron said. "Well damn. Wish we could hang...
2024-01-21 04:49:15

surprise as reply to Minty Fresh

Alan was annoyed. He'd barely talked to Imogen, which was fine since they were preparing for the party. It only became annoying once he saw Jack and her talking.

Later on he saw Jack smiling. When Jack caught Alan lookng at him, he looked into his eyes and smiled even more.

2024-01-20 04:08:48

2 tallboy smooth zone as reply to Jack Smiled

Two tallboys of PBR . That was all he needed. The rest of his buzz would come from the party. Probably mixed drinks or something. Alan hadn't told him about the party but he had found out about it. Was looking through some old friends' social media while at the...
2024-01-19 04:31:10

nobody as reply to You Want a drink?

Jack and Alan were in the same class. Jack's family moved sophomore year. Imogen entered the next. So she never knew of Jack. Also back then Jack was a stick. Wasn't the shredded, mass of muscle that he is today. So she probably wouldn't recognize him.

Jack felt odd helping. He...
2024-01-18 03:43:18

inspiration required as reply to Motions

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't write.

In fact trying made it even harder.

One time he had quit his job in order to write full-time. That was the most miserable. For a week he wrote a few paragraphs a day. All of them deemed meaningless garbage by evening's time.

2024-01-16 03:35:23

jack and alan head to the 'dance' as reply to Plate of Lasagna

"Well you two should get going no? Don't want to miss the dance."

"Mom. Can you stop calling it that? It's not a dance."

"Will there be no dancing?"

"People don't do that at our age anymore."

"Well why not?"

Jack smiled for himself and Alan. "We'll make sure to have a good time Lynn....
2024-01-16 03:28:24

jack is back as reply to Come Back

It was Friday. He left the cafe because he couldn't stay there all day. He would need to do something until the evening party. The FirstΒ  Friday party.

There was nothing else he wanted to do. Just wanted the time to pass. So he put on some music and drove around...
2024-01-15 04:39:16