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When he saw the photo of the Un-Named man he felt a deep fear. The kind of feeling you only had once you were aΒ  father . Because you didn't fear for things like that yourself. You only feared it for your loved ones. TheΒ  vulnerable people that you would...
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PO Box 915
The Wolf as reply to The hawk

The third floor. Of a non-descript building.

The windows made of reflective glass. When the world dares peer inside, it sees only itself.

The glass isΒ  bulletproof as well. AfterΒ  location , this attribute was the primary concern ofΒ  The Wolf .

From the beginning, The Wolf acceptedΒ  assassination as a...
2022-06-01 14:03:08

PO Box 915
you do know me as reply to a bad feeling

He couldn't enjoy the walk until a few minutes in when he finally gave up checking his phone. He had wondered if maybe Jasmine had woken up and texted him, but there was nothing but silence on her end. Surely she couldn't still be a sleep? She had been on...
2022-06-01 00:47:19

Solo Echo Practice
wise woman

Existentially, the wise woman has no ambition .

Day to day, in the moment,

the wise woman has great ambition.

She has aims and knows what they are for.

Thus she performs everything without existential rumination

on whether the thing she is doing

is the "right" thing.

Existentially, the confused woman has great ambitions.

Day to day, in...
2022-05-31 14:36:40

Solo Echo Practice

No action is ever out of the question.

There is always a proper place and time for anything.

Take a man's daughter from him

and threaten to kill her

but give him a chance to slit your throat

and he will.

When looked at like this

life is less about the individual

and more about the setting.

But who...
2022-05-31 14:23:13

PO Box 915
type of cafe where you stay as reply to The hawk

TheΒ  rain had come suddenly. Sammy had not checked the weather this morning. It had seemed like one of those days where the weather was going to stay put the entire time.

She didn't mind the rain. Her car was built to handle wet roads and she felt safe inside of...
2022-05-30 21:14:13

Solo Echo Practice

There is no writer's block .

There is a person who obliges themselves to "be" a writer

but does not desire to write.

A hungry person hungers for food.

A person who wakes up to their house burning

runs out in order to escape.

A person who claims to suffer writer's block

is a liar .

They attempt...
2022-05-30 16:11:22

Solo Echo Practice
no rumination required

There was a man who loved coffee so much

he drank three, four, sometimes five cups a day.

He would feel his day unworthwhile,

when that buzz of caffeine not bubbling within.

When the chemical was not driving his engine,

all the information on the websites and books

would suddenly feel so uninteresting.

One day he no...
2022-05-30 15:55:42

Solo Echo Practice
Function, Taste

Some guzzle the sludge

in order to be more "effective" at their job.

Some drink it

in order to simply stay awake.

Neither care so much for the quality

so long as it "works".

On the other side there are those who must "experience" coffee.

A simple pot of coffee in the breakroom cannot do.

They will research...
2022-05-29 15:58:42

PO Box 915
lies as reply to Going out

"Mom! Mom! Wake up!"

The day struck her on top of the head. Sleep threw her off the soft bed and onto a concrete floor.Β 


She used to sleep in all the time. She didn't begin waking up early for the sake of Cameron, although that was one benefit. Instead Victoria...
2022-05-29 14:42:42

PO Box 915
i think, i'm scared as reply to Beyond their control

On the drive to her house he felt how little control he had. She had picked him up from his apartment. She had taken him to the neighborhood to stake the house across from where her friend lived. And now it was she who had driven them way out into...
2022-05-29 03:54:28