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Abraham Kim

If you're reading this then you're earlier than most.

50 day writing streak

No Big Wins

I believe that big wins don't exist. Every big win we admire is actually yet another small step along a journey of a life that has been driving a road of small wins consistently through time. We simply cast such highly visible victories along such a continuum as big because...
2021-01-01 01:45:20

Black and White

Some things are black and white, and the switch happens real quick. The person that you got into an argument with can go from being a sentient human with their entire life -- schedules, relationships, goals, dreams, etc -- to being a corpse implicating you as murderer in a matter...
2020-12-31 02:09:08

Upcoming Features of Adagia

I was planning on creating a section for the site where people could suggest/critique/discuss/debate/etc features for this site. But jasonleow just released something that I think would work better for that. 

Go check out LifeLog.
2020-12-29 18:49:00

Small Wins and Atomic Habits in Video Games

I think that video games make the prime example of effectively designing for small wins.

Video Games are so effective in this that they can take someone unable to manage simple things in life -- cooking, cleaning, etc -- and transform them into a dedicated, effective human-- in the scope of...
2020-12-28 18:53:39

Journey being Destination -- Stardew Valley

This winter break my girlfriend started playing Stardew Valley a farm-simulation + RPG combo that I've purposely kept my distance from because of how addicting it appeared. I have so many takeaways from observing how she and her brother play this game but in this post I examine the journey...
2020-12-28 01:45:14

Learning from failures -- Nazi Germany's Hunger Plan

Just finished reading the Wikipedia page for Nazi Germany's Hunger Plan*, and I just decided on a new personal approach to learning history. I've always assumed that history was best learned through the successes. In school we learned about who the presidents were. Who the emperors were and how they...
2020-12-26 23:38:48

Notes Following a Walk
Cold City

I'm somebody who likes to pride themselves on taking walks no matter the weather. I failed this time though. The air felt colder than dry ice against my skin. 

Yesterday morning a homeless man froze to death in the encampment that has formed in a park downtown these past few months....
2020-12-25 23:16:35

The artist's tragedy

I believe my greatest beartrap* to writing fiction has been a self identification as an artist. Even before I had completed any work or exercised a daily habit of creating I saw myself as an artist and tried to live that way.

There's nothing inherently wrong with being an artist. The...
2020-12-24 21:27:54


I've noticed that founders can take one of two approaches when serving their customers. They can either remove beartraps or provide superhero-capes. This post explores beartraps.

Beartraps are obstacles preventing someone from taking a swing. For example it used to be difficult to deploy an ecommerce storefront. In the 90s and...
2020-12-23 20:22:39

One person doing it alone

Haven't read any novels the past two weeks. Not sure why, but if forced to give a reason I'd say it's because my mind has been craving content related to programming and business.

While scrolling through Twitter the other day while telling myself I was learning programming and business, I...
2020-12-22 17:04:54