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Carl waited at the cafe alone for about 20 minutes. Nervous.

He had a lot to tell his supervisor. He had researched at theΒ  Westcity publicΒ  library all weekend. Old newspapers. And now he had a thesis. But then ten minutes past. His coffee cup was empty. He wanted another, but...
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on the beach as reply to collapse

On a soft seashore in Greece the retired man sat contemplating another sip of carbonated water. Just six months ago his days were packed contemplating what the world considered important. Strategy. Hiring. Investments.

Now he was here. Nothing to occupy his mind except whether he ought to take another sip. He...
2022-11-17 13:12:16

idling as reply to Chill

Hector watched the cortisol infused rats scuttling around.

People had places to be. And they had to have been there ten minutes ago. deadline s were past due. And theΒ  coffee was no longer hitting. Though they still needed the coffee. That was not up for discussion. Even when theΒ  caffeine...
2022-11-17 03:47:21

rip as reply to Calm

From up in the hills, the lights looked pretty. The chaos of being within it, stuck in traffic or wondering where your next meal was going to come from was dressed up as a gorgeous sea. Pain and suffering could be beautiful, if viewed from a far enough distance.

From up...
2022-11-16 03:34:11

i couldn't stay away as reply to In a bush

"What are you doing here, Marc?"

"I couldn't stay away."

"You've done just that for the past seven years."

"I know. Sorry I don't know. Is that how long it's been?"

"Are you okay?"

"I couldn't stay away. Once I remembered. Has it really been that long?"

"It's been awhile."

He thought about it. Seven years. It...
2022-11-15 02:19:34

the only thing as reply to Peter

His kitchen cost more than an average family's home. He had cooked in it not even once since moving in. His private chef got good use out of it. Roman told him it was the nicest kitchen out of all his clients. This included kitchens owned by descendants of monarchs...
2022-11-14 04:15:22

rules don't apply to us as reply to 51329: The Page that Shouldn't Exist

That suit was strong for sure. Must workout more than someone who works out. I had told myself that I would workout for years. But I spent all my free time eating cheetos and reading about celebrities instead. One time I was reading about the morning routines of different scientists,...
2022-11-14 03:28:54

the stranger in the woods as reply to Mark

The forest rustled as the sun set. This was when you were screwed if you weren't already almost back. People livingΒ  modern lives never knew this. On the oddΒ  camping trip they might feel it. MotherΒ  nature 's signal that night is upon you. But such lessons were easily forgotten...
2022-11-12 04:45:23

caught at the cafe as reply to The Cafe

The young man in the hoodie pounded his laptop . He still had an older model Macbook Pro , the ones with the graceful yet sturdy keyboards. One could get a lot usage out of those keys, and the guy in the hoodie had.

In college he had imagined himself becoming...
2022-11-10 14:41:46

pie as reply to Before

The taste ofΒ  blood was tinny. He may have liked it had he not been in the current situation. Across from the table was the man with the good taste in suits. He may as well have had a pistol pointed at him. That's the situation he was in now....
2022-11-09 03:22:22

passion as energy

To do great work one must get going before it's late.

Great work requires time in flow . Frequently beginners struggle to get into flow. So much that they will take the flow whenever it comes, even if it arrives too late.

When is too late for flow? Too close to...
2022-11-06 16:11:21